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The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Receives a Subtle Refresh

The pinnacle of automotive luxury SUVs, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, has undergone a mid-cycle refresh. These timeless machines transcend fleeting trends, existing in a realm where time itself seems to slow. While a mere six years might mark a significant portion of a mass-produced car's lifespan, for Rolls-Royce, it's an opportunity to refine an already exquisite creation.

Evolution, Not Revolution

The Cullinan Series II retains its iconic silhouette, with the most noticeable changes gracing the front fascia. The Pantheon grille, a hallmark Rolls-Royce design element, takes centre stage, illuminated for the first time in a Cullinan. The headlamps, while narrower and incorporating L-shaped daytime running lights, forgo the dramatic split design seen on the electric Spectre. The DRLs cascade down the bumper, a unique flourish among Rolls-Royce offerings.

Nowhere is the commitment to authenticity more evident than in the exhaust tips. Unlike some manufacturers that resort to visual trickery, both exhausts on the Cullinan Series II feature a genuine brushed stainless steel finish. A new set of 23-inch, seven-spoke alloy wheels completes the exterior transformation.

Effortless Power and Unwavering Comfort

Under the hood, the mighty 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine continues to propel the Cullinan Series II with its characteristic buttery smoothness. In addition, new air intakes ensure even more refined operation.

The interior continues to be a sanctuary of bespoke luxury. The instrument cluster features illuminated cityscape patterns, while the updated dual-screen infotainment system boasts the sophisticated Spirit OS. This advanced system allows for colour coordination between the infotainment display and the chosen exterior paint. Rear passengers can indulge in individual entertainment options via twin screens with Bluetooth headphone connectivity. Alternatively, they can surrender to the exquisite Rolls-Royce Bespoke audio system, boasting 18 channels and a 1400-watt amplifier. As with other Rolls-Royce models, the aluminium spaceframe incorporates resonance chambers to create a natural subwoofer effect.

The Black Badge: A Touch of Dark Enchantment

Alongside the standard Cullinan Series II, Rolls-Royce unveils the Black Badge variant. This iteration elevates power figures to a staggering 592 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. The Black Badge is presented in a captivating contrast of pure white paint and black chrome accents, adorning elements like the Spirit of Ecstasy, door handles, exhaust tips, and front grille. The interior breaks away from tradition with a bold lime green and black Duality Twill upholstery, a choice that may not resonate with all. However, the Black Badge retains its 23-inch wheels, albeit in a distinct design compared to the standard model. A subtle nod to its slightly sportier character comes in the form of a stiffer suspension, meticulously calibrated to maintain the legendary Rolls-Royce magic carpet ride.

A Younger Generation Embraces Luxury

Interestingly, Rolls-Royce reports a significant shift in its customer base, with the average buyer's age dropping by nearly a decade. Recognizing this trend, and with China being their largest market, the brand unveiled a bespoke model at the Beijing Auto Show, catering to the evolving preferences of a new generation of luxury enthusiasts. Notably, Rolls-Royce claims that only 10% of Cullinan owners entrust their driving experience to chauffeurs, highlighting the increasing desire for self-piloted luxury.

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