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This Future Pininfarina SUV Might Break The Bank of Even The Elite!

Pininfarina is working on an SUV that might break all records when it comes to price. What is Pininfarina, you ask? It is a small Italian electric supercar maker that was bought out by Mahindra in 2015. It is famous for its jaw-droppingly gorgeous electric supercar, Battista. They have now decided to make an SUV, and its price might make the Ferrari Purosangue sound cheap.

Pininfarina SUV Price

 While Pininfarina has not revealed a lot of detail about the SUV yet, its Chief Executive Officer, Paolo Dellacha, recently said in an interview that Pininfarina is working on an SUV that might be priced anywhere between Rs 3.59 Crore (400,000 Euros) to 9 Crore (1 Million Euros). He further claimed that it would have the performance of a sports car but also be suitable for a daily regular drive. This will be a step for them to move into a segment that will get them better sales figures, with the SUV sitting between the world of sports cars and the one of maximum usability. For reference, the Ferrari Purosangue starts at around 3.5 Crores (390,000 euros). 

Pininfarina SUV Design

The Pure Vision design concept, which the Pininfarina SUV will likely be based on, gets a gloss body contrasted with exposed carbon fibre bits, a narrow glasshouse and a floating roof finished in glossy black. It gets hidden headlights and narrow DRLs that use nanofibre lighting technology. It rides high on 23-inch alloy wheels. On the rear, there is an aluminium beltline incorporating rear cameras. One unique aspect of the concept is the tri-opening pillarless doors, which give it a futuristic touch. The interior consists of a 2+2 cabin that features an innovative panoramic glass roof illuminating the inside with LED lighting.

Pininfarina claims it is the majestic interpretation of the Luxury Utility Vehicle (LUV) segment. It further adds that it has bold cab-rear proportions that help it achieve a flawless blend of timeless elegance and precise detailing. This makes it command an unmissable presence and creates a unique identity. 

Pininfarina SUV Red Dot Award

The Pura Vision design concept won the Red Dot Award. This highly reputed design award celebrates excellence in design and innovation across various industries. A jury of respected journalists, professors, and designers assessed the applications for both design quality and innovation. This is the third award Pininfarina has won for this concept after the iF Design 2024 product awards and the 2024 International Design Awards. 

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