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This Mclaren Senna Scale Model Costs As Much as A Creta

Mclaren dedicated a special Senna car to the legend Aryton Senna in the Monaco Grand Prix 2024 on his 30th death anniversary. A company called Amalgam made a 1:8 model of this car. These are exclusive models and cost as much as a mid-size SUV. Here is all you need to know about it.

Exclusivity of Senna Scale Models

To understand how exclusive these scale models are, the company will make only 30 such units. Of these, they sent the first to McLaren and will send the 30th to the Senna family. Each of these models took 300 hours to make, while the company took 3000 hours. To add a touch of Senna further, it is finished in yellow, green, and blue colours. They have called it Senna livery, where you will find a Senna's dot-matrix face on the rear fenders. For reference, these are the colours of the flag of Brazil, the country where Senna hailed from. 

Attention to Detail in Senna Scale Models

Finding any dissimilarities between the actual Senna car and the scale models will be challenging as the company has paid extreme attention to detail. This includes the cabin and interiors of the scale models. The cabin also features the golden words "I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence." from the legend, inscribed in it. All of them are exclusively made by hand.

Price of the Senna Scale Models 

Only 29 such models will be available worldwide, reflected in its price. Anyone can buy one for themselves at around Rs 17.70 Lakhs. The target audience here is dedicated scale model collectors, who might be willing to pay even higher bucks to add the special Senna tribute scale models to their collection.

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