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Toyota Showcases Two New EVs in Beijing Auto Show

Toyota is expanding its EV portfolio with two new EVs: BZ3C and BZ3X. These cars will first enter the Chinese market in the next year. Japanese automakers have long struggled to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. Recently, we saw Honda launch a new brand, Ye, to fight the Chinese auto giants. Toyota has also decided to jump into the war with two new models. Here is all we know about these models:

Toyota BZ3C

Toyota has been working on models bearing the BZ3 name since its announcement in China in October 2022. This was supposed to be their first electric sedan. The powertrain in the BZ3 was developed in a partnership between Toyota and BYD. 

The BZ3C will be the production version of the BZ Sport crossover concept that Toyota introduced at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show. It is very similar to the concept and retains most of its features. 


The front of the car has what you would expect from an EV: C-shaped connected LED lights and a well-structured hood. If you find it similar to the Prius, then you’re not alone—we do, too! Both models have Lidar on the roof, too. The side has flush door handles and big low-drag alloy wheels. The rear has LEDs connected to a fold on the bumper. 


Toyota has a rather unique interior color choice—red. It is not anything; it is vibrant! What makes it even more polarizing than being red are the LED lights on the dashboard, doors, and centre console. I know you guessed it, but yes, you were right—it has a large screen in the centre with a digital instrument cluster. 

The manufacturing of this model will be handled by FAW Toyota, a joint venture between the Chinese FAW Group and Toyota.

Toyota BZ3X

I know the naming is confusing but bear with me. The BZ3X is supposed to be the production avatar of the BZ FlexSpace concept that Toyota revealed last year. Unlike the BZ3C, this model takes a traditional approach. It has the road presence we Indians love and more space and functionality. We see this car making it to production more smoothly. 


The front has L-shaped LED DRLs instead of C (I guess someday I’ll run out of letters to describe these DRLs). Below these are the LED headlamps above a boxy-looking bumper. Moving to the side, there is thick body cladding, big spoke-type alloy wheels, flush doors, and a contrasting black roof and pillars. The rear also has a boxy bumper with connected LEDs above it. 


On the inside, you have a large centre console but, this time, a smaller digital instrument cluster. It also features a sunroof that stretches almost the entire length of the SUV. 

This model will be produced by GAC Toyota, a partnership between the Chinese GAC Group and Toyota.

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