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Turbo Spezial: A Time Portal to 1983 One-off 935

We regularly see special editions, but one has caught our eye. It is the Turbo Spezial from a Monaco-based company, Unofficial Machines. What is it? It is a Porsche 992 Turbo S, not just any 992 Turbo S, but one that pays homage to one of the most legendary 935s of all time. Here is what it is about 

The History 

The Turbo Spezial is based on the ‘935 Street' owned by the Mansour Ojjeh from 1983. His car was a one-off special intended to replicate the aggressive 935 racing car of that time. Yes, you got it right; this beautiful machine pays homage to a car made to pay homage. When did you last hear that? 

The Design

The 935 stands as one of the most revered cars to get the Porsche badge. With the Designer Alan Derosier at the helm, the Turbo Spezial's body is made completely of carbon fibre. It is based on a 992 Turbo S. It revamps the front and bonnet while deepening and widening the bumper and splitter. It gets flared arches, a fresh rear and vents ahead of the rear wheels. Its frame consists of a single rear light bar above and a not-so-significant spoiler. It also keeps aerodynamics at the core of the design. 


If you thought the Turbo Spezial was only a looker, then you're wrong. Unofficial Machines must have thought that we have a 992 Turbo S, which produces 640 bhp with its twin-turbo flat-six, can accelerate from 0-100 in 2.4 seconds, and goes to 320+ kmph. What should we do with it? Somehow, their reaction was, let's give it even more power! The result is an engine that churns out 740 bhp and 949 Nm of torque. 

Other Details

So there is more after the looks and unique engine. It gets a new suspension designed by KW,  and every car will be custom-made according to its owner. UM plans to make 90 road-legal models of the Turbo Spezial and 10 track-only ones that will come with 'optimal' performance (Like the road-legal one is underpowered). It further features equipment inspired by the 911 GT3 RS for the chassis and interior.

The carbon parts will be produced in Torino, and the cars will be assembled in southern France. You can expect to see them on the roads by the summer of 2025. They will offer a 992 Convertible version as an option too. 

So, how deep a hole does it make in the pocket? Rs 3.15 Crore (€350,000) worth. Act fast because they have already sold 6 of them. 

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