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Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Arrives: All You Need to Know

Bangalore-based Ultraviolette Launches F77 Mach 2 At Rs 2.99 Lakh

Ultraviolette, a Bengaluru-based electric vehicle company founded in 2016, has launched the F77 Mach 2. This new motorcycle builds upon the success of its original F77 model, offering improved features and a more competitive price.

Ultraviolette's mission is to create the future of mobility through high-performance electric motorcycles. They aim to combine cutting-edge design with sustainable technology, building not just EVs but an entire ecosystem for eco-friendly riding. The company has one electric bike in its lineup, the F77 which will be available in its updated Mach 2 form, in two variants: Base and Recon. The base-spec variant is priced at an introductory tag of INR 2.99 Lakhs while the Recon variant which brings an IDC-claimed range of 323 kms with it, commands a lakh more.

The Mach 2: A Better Package

After a period of secrecy, Ultraviolette unveiled the F77 Mach 2. While the mechanicals remain largely similar to the previous model, you could see a good chunk of the one-and-half year was spent on the plethora of new features. Moreover, the deducted price makes it more compelling than before since it is not only more affordable but also packs more features than before.

Improved Features and Value

The Mach 2 offers compelling performance for its price point. It includes a new, improved dual-channel ABS system with switchable modes, hill-hold assist, a charging limit for battery health, and a "find my F77" feature. Additionally, it boasts on-board navigation, traction control, regenerative braking, anti-collision warnings, fall alerts, and an auto-dimming LED headlight. Notably, all this comes at a lower price point compared to the original F77. The new Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 introduces three new themes namely: Airstrike, Shadow, and Laser. Which includes nine colours to choose from.

Optional Packages: Performance and AI

While many features are standard, some advanced options are available only in packages. An optional "Performance Pack" includes features like Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), additional levels of traction control and 10 levels of regenerative braking that apparently will mimic engine braking. Ultraviolette also manages to squeeze the buzzword AI with the ‘Violette AI’ package which includes, an anti-collision warning system, fall alerts, towing alerts, Delta Watch, and auto-dimming LED headlights with DRLs. More good news for the first 1,000 customers:  both packages are complimentary!

Impressive Performance Figures

Despite retaining the original battery capacities, Ultraviolette has managed to improve its range. The base model with a 7.1 kWh battery offers a 211 km IDC range, while the top-spec 10.3 kWh battery boasts a claimed range of 323 km. The F77 Mach 2 retains the original model's acceleration, reaching 0-60 kmph in a brisk 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 155 kmph.

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