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Ultraviolette F77 now gets an 8 Lakh Km Warranty!

Ultraviolette has gone all out on the F77's warranty structure. The UV F77 now comes with the option of a warranty of up to 800,000 kms, the highest number in the industry, which might take their competitors by surprise. The electric bike comes with three more options than its standard warranty.

Extended Warranty Packs

If you buy the UV F77 right now, you will get a standard warranty of 3 years or 30,000 kms. Above this are three packages- UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max. The warranties of the battery and drivetrain have doubled in the case of UV care and UV care+ compared to before, making it 60,000 km for three years and 100,000 kms for 5 years, respectively. The massive 8 times increase has come in the UV Care Max package, which now gives you an 800,000 km or 8-year warranty. 

The UV care and UV care+ package can be bought with both the Original and Recond variants, but the UV Care Max only comes with the F77 Recon variant. 

Test Results Behind Confidence

Ultraviolette claims that rigorous testing pushed them to give the amount of warranty they are giving. They claim that one of their F77 test bikes recently reached the milestone of 100,000 km while retaining over 95 per cent of its original rated capacity. Tests done by ARAI, the regulatory body for vehicles in India, showed that the F77 could deliver a surprising 304 km range on one charge. Ultraviolette claims their bikes have led to fuel savings worth Rs. 4.41 lakh for users. 

Variants on offer

You can now get the Ultraviolette F77 in 3 variants: Original, Recon and Space. Space is a limited edition variant. With the original, the battery is rated at 7.1 kW, and the Recon and Space variants have 10.1 kWh units.

Would you buy an electric bike if you got 8 Lakh Km of warranty?

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