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Upgraded Tata Nexon EV with Bigger Battery Pack Now Gets a Launch Date

Tata has been enjoying a fair share of the electric mobility market in India, riding on the success of its two popular EVs: Nexon EV and Tigor EV. Tata is on a roll recently, having showcased two electric concept EVs that will pave way for its upcoming electric portfolio, there’s no stopping this homegrown carmaker. And now, Tata has sent across a launch invite that clearly states that there’s a new Nexon EV headed our way which will see the light of the day on 11th May. No beating around the bush this time around. tata nexon EVThe most significant upgrade that the Nexon EV will receive is going to be a bigger battery pack. In its current guise, the Nexon EV is available with a 30.2kWh battery pack. With its next update, expect the battery pack to get juiced up to 40kWh. Tata claims that the Nexon EV can run 312km in a single charge and with a bigger battery pack, expect this range to shoot up to 400km in a single charge. In real-world driving conditions, expect the updated Nexon EV to run 250-300km on a single charge. However, the overall performance on tap is expected to remain the same and we aren’t complaining because the current Ziptron powertrain in the Nexon EV puts down a respectable 127hp and 245nm of peak torque. Details regarding aesthetic changes to the updated Nexon EV are scarce at this moment and it could be possible that Tata retains the same exterior design. It is also being assumed that the new Nexon EV will be sold alongside the current iteration with a few badgings here and there to differentiate between the two. However, Tata could throw in disc brakes for all four wheels with the updated Nexon EV to improve its overall braking performance. All the mist surrounding the new Nexon EV will get cleared up this coming 11th May so stay tuned for more information about one of India’s most popular EVs.
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