News/ Launches/ You Can Now Buy A 4-CYLINDER MERCEDES-AMG GT


Not in India just yet, and not available globally either, but yes - there is going to be a four-cylinder, slightly (we are hoping considerably) cheaper AMG GT that you could buy soon. Mercedes has unveiled a 43-spec GT Coupe, adding one more car to make use of this feisty powerplant. 

The major differences are under the hood, out with the V8 motor from the previous generation and in goes four cylinders less. The dramatic diet is due to the brand's 48-volt mild hybridisation. The carmaker is confident of putting out a max of 416 hp of power and 501 Nm of torque with this smaller, lighter engine.  

Additionally, the F1-derived electric turbochargers can give a boost of up to 14hp for a short burst. The previous torque converter will be replaced with a lighter 9-speed wet clutch transmission which is faster to throttle responses. 

Besides, unlike other Mercedes GT siblings, the muted GT 43 will be offered only in rear-wheel drive configuration. It is not all bad in terms of fun, but the Mercedes AMG C43 with a similar motor will be faster on a quarter-mile drag strip with the 4Matic.

AMG GT 43  accelerates from a standstill to 100kmph in 4.6 seconds. The 3-sec AMG GT 63 with 577 hp is the option for those with busier lives. And for the middle class, there will be GT 55. Both of them have 4-wheel drive wizardly along with a roaring V8s instead of this 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. 

Handling is improved with adaptive damping ‘AMG Ride Control System’ and optional rear-wheel steering. That is not all, every suspension arms, steering knuckles, and wheel carriers on the front and rear axles of the new GT are made of forged aluminum reducing the unsprung for quicker handling.

Designed for performance

AM GT 43 stays true to the original AMG GT body style with a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and long hood. The only significant differences are on the front bumpers with smaller grilles and air ducts. GT 43 is slightly less aggressive, and cleaner looking compared to GT 55 and 63, but now all of them have a frowning face instead of the smiling ones of the previous gen. Similar story on the sides, where GT 43 loses some air ducts.

Still, there are plenty of aero bits sculpted into the car to be known as ‘Airpanel’. Starting from front the concealed horizontal slats are to be open electrically for the car to breathe. Normally these are shut even at high speeds to reduce the drag. However, it responds to the temperature of the components and caters to their cooling requirements.

On the rear set of things, the Mercedes AMG GT 43 consists of a seamlessly integrated active spoiler, which is also expandable. Upwards of 80kmph, there are five different presets that the car chooses for the best driving dynamics. The badge and the round rather than trapezoidal AMG quad exhaust tip are the only visual differences from the V8s.

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