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Hyderabad E-Prix | Everything You Need To Know

2023 is the year of many motorsports first for India . Enthusiasts and motorsports fans - Cheer up to witness the first-ever Formula-E race in Hyderabad this weekend. According to a few reports, the state government expects over 20000 thousand fans worldwide to attend the race event. Hyderabad E-Prix will showcase India's acceptance of the future of mobility with great conviction. The race will be held on the Hyderabad Street Circuit near the iconic Hussain Sagar Lake.  

About The Circuit 

The good part of the Formula-E race is its location, wherein it utilizes street roads to create a track circuit for the race. The circuit of Hyderabad is 2.835 km long with a total of 18 turns. The track runs through iconic scenic sites on the backdrop, such as a monolithic sculpture of Buddha and the Secretariat Complex - a building recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

As you can see from the layout of the track, the race cars will go through a tight chicane at Turns 1 and 2. Once passed turn 2, the car will have go-fast straight until the hairpin bend at Turn 3. After Turn 3, the fast driver with maintained momentum can use slight Turn 4 and Turn 5 to overtake and take the lead until they reach the 90-degree(almost) turn at Turn 6. Once passed Turn 6, the car will go through a few twisty turns and corners until they reach the chicane at Turns 16 and 17. The car from Turn 17 needs to take a sharp right to finish off the lap. 


The final race is scheduled on Feb 11 from 3 pm, with a podium celebration at 4 pm. Before the final race, the team will go through free practice on Feb 10 in the evening from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The team will also go through free practice season 2 next day from 8 am to 9 am. The team will go through the qualifying round at 10:40 am.

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