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A Funeral For The McLaren 720S?

Well, the grim reaper has caught on with the McLaren 720S. Sort of. You can get one new; you just cannot order a new one. You will have to choose from the pre-specced ones sitting on the lot. The 720S was definitely a beast destined for hell because of its devilish characteristics, but I'm sure it's headed to heaven, for it has touched many lives. It definitely gets a 21-gun salute from my side.

Having been unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show for the first time, the automotive community has come a long way with the 720S. This 710Hp 650S replacement was a car shamer in all fields. It had the aesthetics to give you a stiffy at one glance and the performance to make you pee your trousers all over the lovely Alcantara.

I will not list the figures in this article because this article is not about the numbers. It is about celebrating the risqué machine that the 720S was.

So, the production has already ended, and they aren't taking any more orders. Thus, anyone who can add two and two can clearly see that something new is cooking in Surrey. And despite no new car being announced or even revealed, deposits for the replacement have been piling up on the desks at McLaren offices.

Well, I reckon the successor should get a V12, but who are we kidding? We should be lucky enough to continue with the V8. Please, god, please!

Words: Sresht Garg

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