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Benelli TRK 702 Could Prove to be a Worthy Nemesis to Other Middleweight ADVs

Benelli’s ADV-tourer charge is led by the TRK 502 in our country but for the overseas markets, the bikemaker also unveiled the TRK 800. And now, leaked type approval documents suggest that Benelli is working on yet another middleweight ADV-tourer which will slot itself between the TRK 502 and the TRK 800. Rumour mill suggests that the new motorcycle will be christened TRK 702 and will be powered by a parallel-twin powertrain.

What do we know so far

The biggest difference that the TRK 702 will sport over the TRK 800 is going to be the powertrain. For instance, the TRK 800 draws its performance from a 754cc twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, while on the other hand, the upcoming TRK 702 will be powered by a 693cc twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled motor. Since there is a negligible difference between the displacements and overall layout of both the engines, the overall performance isn’t that differentiated either. The TRK 800 puts down 77.2PS and 67Nm, and the TRK 702 is expected to produce somewhere around 70.7PS and 61Nm. The new powertrain also comes complimentary with a new frame and the overall aesthetics look to be a lot sleeker as compared to the behemoth that we know as TRK 502. Benelli is expected to offer the TRK 702 with different wheel sizes to suit the needs of varied riders. The street-oriented version is expected to get 17-inch alloy wheels while the more off-road focused version will utilize a 19-inch/17-inch wire-spoke wheel set-up. What is appreciable about the latter is that Benelli might equip the TRK 702 with tubeless spoke rims which is definitely going to prove to be a boon. It is also expected to borrow the radially-mounted callipers and meaty Marzochhi suspension from the TRK 800. Though it is still unclear whether Benelli will bring the TRK 702 to our shores or not, we still believe that the TRK 702 will be a more worthy contender as opposed to the TRK 800. India being a price-sensitive market, Benelli wouldn’t want to play its cards wrong. If it indeed gets here, it could prove to be a worthy nemesis to the likes of Kawasaki Versys 650, Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT and the recently launched Triumph Tiger Sport 660.

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