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Gear Review | Ignyte IGN 8 Helmet

As motorcyclists, finding the right helmet is crucial not just for style but for safety and comfort. We recently took the Ignyte IGN 8 helmet for a spin, and here's what we found after a week of riding.

At first glance, the Ignyte IGN 8 impresses with its sleek titanium grey color and stylish chrome accents on the visor. It's undoubtedly eye-catching, but does it deliver more than just good looks?

One of the first tests we subjected the helmet to was a steady 100 kmph ride, strictly adhering to the speed limit. We were pleasantly surprised by its performance. The helmet's aerodynamics were exceptional, making us feel like we were cruising at a mere 20 kmph. It cuts through the air smoothly, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The dual ventilation system of the helmet also deserves commendation. It significantly improves breathability and comfort, ensuring adequate airflow and circulation within the helmet. Even in warm or strenuous conditions, the Ignyte IGN 8 keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.

However, there's a notable drawback: wind noise. While riding, we noticed a significant amount of wind noise, which can be quite distracting, especially during long journeys. This is something potential buyers should consider, particularly if they prioritize a quieter ride.

In terms of safety, we opted for an L-sized helmet, and the cushioning inside provided a comfortable fit. Unfortunately, we encountered a couple of issues. The D-ring's lock broke during our seventh use, which is concerning from a safety perspective. Additionally, the chin guard came loose right out of the box. While it's designed to be detachable, the looseness of the pin points made it challenging to reattach securely.

Moving on to the visors and retractable glasses, they boast an attractive design and feel. However, they tend to fog up quickly when transitioning from air-conditioned environments to the outdoors. While manageable, it's an inconvenience that should be noted.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a helmet primarily for its trendy and aesthetic appeal, the Ignyte IGN 8 is a reasonable choice. It excels in terms of style and aerodynamics, and its dual ventilation system enhances comfort. However, there are some reservations regarding safety, particularly considering the issues we encountered with the D-ring and chin guard.

For city riding and casual trips, the Ignyte IGN 8 is a suitable option. However, if safety is your utmost priority, we would advise exercising caution and perhaps exploring other options with more safety features.

The Ignyte IGN 8 helmet is available for approximately INR 4,699 on their website Consider your priorities and requirements carefully before making a purchase decision.

Used by - Abhishek Poojary

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