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Maruti Suzuki Jimny | Walkaround

The Maruti Jimny made big waves upon its global debut and finally reached India. The Jimny moniker has been around since the 1970s and has garnered quite a fan following. Now available in an all-new avatar, the Jimny is much more modern and features a new boxy design language that almost shares its silhouette with a shrunk-down G-Wagon. Powered by a familiar K15B 1.5 litre motor that produces about 104 bhp of power and 130 Nm of torque. 

Though these numbers aren’t the highest in its segment, and on paper, the Jimny already seems like it could be a bit sluggish. The design is straightforward, and the Jimny has two trim options. The higher trip option gets LED headlamps, alloy wheels and cruise control. Apart from that, both models are similarly equipped with the same motor. The Jimny looks much more compact in person and doesn’t pack the same height or visual bulk as its competition.

This makes the Jimny appear more approachable and easier to live with within our tight roads and congested streets. The tires look a tad too skinny, in my opinion, and somewhat ruin the butch stance of the Jimny. Nevertheless, this is something most owners can change and is down to taste.

Step inside, and you’ll notice a familiar Maruti interior and layout that is, unfortunately, most hard plastics that Maruti likes to call “scratch resistant”. Unlike the Thar, there are no fancy convertible or removable panels. The Jimny’s appeal seems to be simplicity, which it does well. The seats feel pretty comfortable, and the Jimny has more room than the Mahindra Thar despite its tighter dimensions. 

Like most vehicles in its segment, boot capacity is adequate and nothing to boast of. The viewing angles are great, and plenty of light makes this dark interior feel much more spacious. Prices for the all-new Jimny haven’t been announced yet. Still, judging by the equipment and engine on offer, I’d reckon Maruti intends to undercut all its competitors and make the Jimny even more desirable than it already is.  

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