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Rolls Royce Spectre | Silence Meets Luxury

Rolls Royce makes engines, cars and absolute silent ones when it comes to the ones flying on roads. Electric powertrains make complete sense on Rolls Royce Cars, and picking the banter in India is the Spectre. The utterly luxurious electric coupe with 4 seats, many firsts for Rolls Royce, the BMW i7 dual motor setup with similar batteries with Rolls Royce luxury performance algorithms to make the experience smooth and add a level of sumptuousness experienced only in a Rolls Royce car. The Spectre is a spiritual successor to the Phantom coupe and not a replacement for the Wraith. Spectre literally means the ghost, and this car with the UI name Spirit is a work of art transitioning Rolls Royce luxury driven by motors.  

The Spectre is based on an all-new electric platform and is 5475mm long with a wheelbase of 3210mm. Aiding this length is all-wheel drive and steer with massive brakes as standard. Speaking of massive, this is the first car in Rolls Royce history to feature 22-inch wheels as standard and large 23-inch wheels as options. Spectating a coupe design and aiding the least drag coefficient title is an aero-designed spirit of ecstasy. Powering the car is a 102kWh battery with charge capabilities of 22kW AC and 195kW DC charging. All of this is utilised by a dual motor setup run by separately excited synchronous motors producing 190kW and 365Nm power from the front motor and 360kW and 710Nm from the rear. Combined, this system produces 584hp and 900Nm power, propelling the 2.89 tonne Spectre from 0-100km/h in just 4.4secs. Yet, capable of a WLTP range of 530 Km on a single charge. One pedal drive on the Spectre is named B drive, and the braking is named, Champagne braking, indicating the level of composure in one pedal drive braking is sophisticated enough to brake without spilling a drop of champagne inside the car. 

Rolls Royce is celebrating 120 years in India, and the Spectre marks itself as the most luxurious and the most expensive electric vehicle in India. Matching the price tag starting from INR 7.5Cr are the innumerable customisable options with redesigned seats, a starlight theme on the doors and dashboard as an accessory and multiple screens controlled by a new car UI, Spirit. 44000 colours to choose from and more than a dozen other new options introduced on the Spectre, this car marks a new beginning to silence in luxury driven by electric powertrains.

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