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Rynox Urban Pro 2 Gloves Review: Urban Scorcher!

All the gear all the time. It is not just a saying. It is much more than that. If you’re an avid motorcyclist who loves stepping out, this advice should become a way of life. I have been abiding by this since the past few years, at the cost of being the reason for a few stupid laughs at red signals. My daily ordeal includes riding for 100 kilometers and no, I don’t work for Zomato or Rapido. I ride to work and that implies that I’m always on a hunt for riding gears which can not only provide me with desired levels of protection but also keep things comfortable. You see, commuting while wearing racing leathers doesn’t make sense. What made sense though, was Rynox’s Urban Pro 2 gloves. 

As its construction might suggest, these gloves are particularly targeted towards the Urban warrior. For a pair of gloves to be suitable for urban conditions, comfort precedes over everything. This is where this particular set of gloves has bowled me over. More on that later. The Rynox Urban Pro 2 can be had in three different shades but I chose the most retro of the lot. Brown. The shade was a welcome departure from the many shades of black that I’ve drowned my life in. Let’s talk business now.

The Urban Pro 2 gloves come with a TPU knuckle protector as its primary protection, apart from TPR protectors on finger joints. Then there are HD foam inserts for impact absorption and to save your precious hand from abrasion, the gloves are made from AX - Suede fabric having similar abrasion properties as that of leather. Although while touring and racetrack outings, I would prefer a set with more protection but for urban runabouts, the gloves seem to have adequate protection. However, there’s one area which has made me swear by these gloves and that is its fit.

The saying ‘It fits like a glove’ fits here perfectly. There are pre-curved fingers so that there’s no break-in required. In fact, the very first time I wore this set, I knew this would become my go-to pair for city excursions. The Urban Pro 2 gloves also provide ample feedback from the handlebar, making the ride experience very connected. It communicates and that feels worth appreciating.

What is not worth appreciating is the fact that after almost 10 months of legit ‘abusing’ the gloves, the TPR protectors on the fingers have come off. It won’t affect the protection in a major way but this is something that Rynox should look into. For the readers, please bear in mind that for 10 months straight, these gloves were my daily for commutes and for a few shoots as well. They haven’t led an easy life. The price? A set of these gloves is retailing on Rynox Gears website for INR 2,950/-. So if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of gloves for urban warfare which fits like your own skin, these deserve a strong consideration. 

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