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The Defender Journeys | Calling Out Defender Nation For Adventure

Land Rover has called out to all Defender buyers for a series of journeys across the most Defender-like paths in India. These specially curated and unique travel experiences cater to what a Defender buyer craves.

The Defender journeys is a self-drive, multi-day adventure programme with challenging terrains and routes along with luxury stays and hospitalities. To begin with, Land Rover has curated four Defender Journey programmes, as follows:

  • The Konkan Experience: The first of the Defender Journeys starts on 16th January 2023. The journey between Goa & Bengaluru over seven days while exploring all the towns along the Konkan coast, the western ghats and everything else in the middle. The journeys also include the exploration of local culture throughout the trips.
  • The Nilgiri Experience: This is the journey between Bengaluru & Coimbatore, a path surrounded by lush nature through the western ghats. Over seven days, the Nilgiri Experience will include a tiger reserve, a sunset cruise and majestic forests, among many other things.
  • The Coromandel Experience:  The journey between Coimbatore and Chennai through India’s eastern ghats and the coasts of the Bay of Bengal. The Coromandel is a relatively culturally rich travel experience.
  • The Malabar Experience: The journey between Coimbatore and Kochi explores the region’s unique geography. It also explores the serene backwaters of the area and a wide array of beaches.

These four are just the beginning of many such journeys that Land Rover will introduce throughout 2023.

More information for the same can be found on Land Rover’s Website: Click Here

Words: Sresht Garg

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