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Trouve H2 Could Become India's First Electric Hyper-Maxi Scooter!

The Indian two-wheeler market might be evolving at a rapid pace but there are still some niches that are still at a nascent stage. Maxi-scooters are one of them. Sure, we do have the Suzuki Burgman Street and the Aprilia SXR 160 but they aren’t “true-blue” maxi-scooters because they have a puny powertrain. However, Delhi-based EV startup Trouve Motors is looking forward to disrupting the market as it has teased its upcoming hyper-maxi scooter, dubbed the H2. While it has no relation to the Japanese supercharged missile which carries the same name, the Trouve H2 does look interesting. And the expected specs? Even more so!

Streamlined design

The teaser image posted by the company gives us a sneak peek at its aesthetics. It looks rather futuristic and might follow the same design language incubated by the BMW CE 04 and the Husqvarna Vektorr. If its streamlined and symmetric looks haven’t caught your fancy, its specifications most certainly will.

Expected specs and features

The startup is claiming that the Trouve H2 will have a continuous output of 4.8kW and a peak power output of 7.9kW derived from its liquid-cooled motor. The company is also claiming that it can breeze past the 60kmph mark in just 4.3 seconds and that it will have a claimed range of 130-230km. In terms of cycle parts, expect it to be top-drawer affair as it is claimed to feature upside-down front forks, a mono-shock absorber at the rear, disc brakes with 2-piston callipers and a single-speed transmission. Since it is electric and EVs are all about gizmos, the H2 is claimed to get all-LED headlights, 4G connectivity, and in-built Google functionality.

Officia Statement

Being completely designed in India at Trouve’s R&D facility in Bangalore, Trouve H2 bookings will start in August 2022 while it is expected to hit the road in the first half of 2023.  The company also says that it will raise USD 3 million in seed funding. Arun Sunny, Founder of Trouve Motor said, “The electric 2-wheeler segment in India has exponentially grown in the last few years. In 2021 alone, it recorded a staggering 132% growth, indicating that 2022 will be even better. And with the launch of our electric maxi-scooters, we not only aim to contribute to this growth trajectory but also strive to further revolutionize this space by bringing more innovation.”
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