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TVS S20X | Gear Review

TVS, generally known to make track-bred two-wheelers for the road, has recently been expanding its portfolio and indulging in the world of motorcycle and rider-related accessories. One such accessory you can now find on their website and their dealerships is the S10X & S20X. There is a minor difference in price between these communication devices, but in a nutshell, the S20X does everything the S10X does and then some. They share the same speakers and the majority of their components, and the critical difference is the S20X's ability to connect with multiple riders at once. 

The Setup

To start with the packaging, the S20X comes well-packaged and contains everything you need. You can find a barcode in the back, which can lead you to a YouTube channel with all the instructions and a proper tutorial for installation. Installing it didn't take too long and would also serve as an excellent opportunity to clean the inside of your helmet because it would require you to pull off all the padding. The process takes less than half an hour and is even quicker if you've done this before. It's always nicer if your helmet has an existing recess' in place for a set of speakers; if not, the comfort could vary. Once installed, the S20X is light, and its added weight is hardly noticeable. Upon installation, fire up the S20X and download TVS's app, allowing you to pair and further fine-tune your preferences for listening. 

In the real world

I've been using the S20X for a couple of months now, and I'm rather impressed. The battery life easily lasts me a whole week with a daily commute of about 4 hours. The S20X is powered by 2 JBL speakers that promise high-quality audio, and they do live up to that promise to a certain degree. However, the sound insulation of your helmet can make quite a difference to your overall experience. The quieter your helmet, the better the performance. To begin with, I picked a not-so-quiet helmet in my collection to test the system, and the performance was surprisingly decent. 

Sure, you will lose those details to the wind noise, but when you're at lower speeds, the speakers sound pretty good, and you can enjoy their favourite tunes on the go. Later, I switched to a more insulated helmet built for sports touring, which sounded even better. The battery life is surprisingly good, and I've had no complaints. A full charge usually lasts me a week, and in a worst-case scenario, I'd need to charge it twice a week. It should last a long road trip, and one can always carry a power bank along and charge when they take halts. 

That being said, not everything is perfect. The app can be buggy and sometimes doesn't register a change in settings the first time around. The com-system can sometimes be glitchy and will need you to restart and reconnect for a hassle-free experience. However rare these instances may be, they exist and, I suspect, are a software update away from being taken care of. That said, I am pretty impressed with the 2X and unfortunately didn't get the chance to test the ride link, but that's the next thing to do on my list. Would I recommend the S20X? Yes, it's valuable for anyone looking to buy their first com-system without breaking the bank. 


Brand: TVS

Model: S20X

Price: Rs. 10,999

Availability: TVS Online Stores/ TVS Dealership

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