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Simple One | Awaited Electric Charm | First Ride Review

Awaited Electric Charm


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The evolving electric-mobility wave is not just shouldered on the mainstream manufacturers anymore. Besides, the ground reality reflects the new-age startups looming to encash the prospective opportunity. Shockingly, even though the enormous economic and transformative potential this sector holds, only few startups have gambled their fortunes to develop the product from the ground up. One such promising startup that jumped into the unfolding bandwagon with the intent of accelerating the adoption of EVs is Simple Energy. This Bengaluru-based EV startup showcased the verifying prototype of the Simple One last year. Since then, various changes have been made to make it even more production-ready. We sampled the pre-production Simple One in the closed housing campus on the outskirts of Bengaluru to know whether this scooter is worthy enough to mark its presence on the Indian roads soon.

Simple One: Should you wait for One?

Well, despite being in a flooded market with outsourced EVs, the viable promising options are yet quite lacking. Moreover, prospect buyers are still in a dilemma with the charging feasibility. Simple Energy\’s Simple One is an encouraging option in transition to electric mobility with adequate range and performance. The prices for the Simple One start at Rs 1.10 lakhs and go all the way up to 1.45 lakhs with the portable battery variant. The slightly expensive proposition of the Simple One is justifiable for the fundamentally strong product only if the overall fit and finish will be kept in check. However, the timeline is certainly over-ambitious to achieve, as there would be a lot of challenges in developing a streamlined sales and service network to command its proposition in the market. If you are in dire need of an EV right now,  then the Simple One would not be worth your patience. Given the promising propositions and timelines, the Simple One would definitely be on the horizon of consideration.

Riding Gears Credit: Rynox India

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