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Tall Legs, Short Claims | BGauss RUV 350 First Ride Review

The RUV 350 stands apart in terms of its stance which mimics mopeds that are overflowing on South Asian streets.


Looks like an Indonesian moped, power delivery


Build quality, cycle parts


Would it be too antipathetic to say that the ongoing electric revolution is like a black hole? Before you create an image of me being a polar bear hunter, allow me to explain. This black hole is currently sucking in each and everything that is coming in its vicinity. That’s it. That’s the metaphor. Be it legacy players or new startups, everyone is now eyeing to send a shockwave in the EV industry. In India especially it is safe to say that the electric revolution is being led by electric scooters. There’s a new one in town and it does look, umm… different? The BGauss RUV 350 promises to offer a different scooter experience, electric one at that.

Ever since we started seeing gearless scooters on our roads, they have followed the same silhouette. The RUV 350 stands apart in terms of its stance which mimics mopeds that are overflowing on South Asian streets like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Helping it maintain its moped stance is a set of 16-inch wheels which is its biggest takeaway. BGauss falls under the umbrella of RR Global, the house which has given the world RR Kabel. The RUV 350 is their flagship offering and stands for Rider Utility Vehicle. Quirky.

Apart from its 16-inchers draped in vibrant colours, there isn’t much to see on the RUV 350. It gets a metal bodywork, LED headlamp and a 5-inch TFT screen. The rest of the body panels look bland and unfinished to say the least. When we asked, BGauss informed us that these were pre-production units and the production-spec scooters will have a better finish. Nevertheless, in the current scheme of things, the RUV could have been finished in a much better way. The TFT instrument cluster might have a vibrant UI but it is a little confusing at first to operate because it requires assistance from the brake levers too. Wait, what? Also, the underseat storage of the RUV 350 stands at a measly 15 litres, only big enough to gobble up a half face helmet. Other notable features of the RUV include cruise control (to cruise at what? 50kmph?), hill hold, regen braking and rollover detection.

Things get slightly better once it starts rolling off from standstill. The RUV derives its pace from a battery pack rated at 3kWh and 160NM, with ARAI claimed range of 135 kilometres. Throttle calibration has been a major issue in some of the recently cropped up EVs. Here? This is of no concern because the scooter reacts the way it is supposed to during throttle inputs. No terrifying hibbie jibbies to experience here. Although it gets three ride modes to choose from including Eco, Ride and Sport, we found ourselves mostly in the Sport mode as it unlocks its top speed of a speedo-indicated 75kmph. Progression till 60kmph is quick, with the RUV reminding you of its electric heart. However, after 60kmph, the performance starts tapering off a little. We also tried the Eco mode but that made the RUV feel like a sloth. In the sport mode, one can expect a real world range of around 80-90 kilometres.

The 16-inch wheels of the RUV lend it agility that would remind you of a commuter motorcycle with skinny tyres. It is eager to change directions and up to decent speeds, feels stable enough. It also feels pretty light on its feet, waiting for the rider’s inputs in utmost anticipation. Up front, it gets skinny telescopic forks and the whole suspension setup is tuned slightly on the stiffer side. A little bit of more plushness would have added to its convenient factory. It also gets drum brakes at both the ends, leaving us wanting for more of everything - bite, feedback and outright stopping power.

The BGAuss RUV 350 is hard to recommend for its USPs alone. Sure, it does look unique and rides like a motorcycle but that’s about it. The build quality speaks for itself that it is indeed a budget scooter. However, if you are willing to turn a blind eye towards it and get something uniquely electrified, the RUV 350 can be considered.

TopGear Magazine July 2024