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Ultraviolette F77 | Lightning In A Bottle | First Ride Review

We’ve often seen cars that take inspiration from aviation, but here’s a made-in-India stealth bomber for the streets in the flesh and boy, does it catch eyes!


Dashing looks, excellent build quality, low running cost.


Currently sold only in Bangalore, high asking price.


Like most electric two-wheelers, Ultraviolette too is based out of Bangalore and one that makes bold claims. Unfortunately, Covid 19 struck the world and hampered most of their plans, but it also gave Ultraviolette a chance to return to the drawing board. They didn’t reinvent the wheel, but what they did do was make a couple tweaks to the overall design and add some spit and polish. So did they manage to live up to those bold claims? To find out, I flew to Bangalore, where Ultraviolette would let us have a crack at their machine around the streets of Nandi Hills, a rather famous spot for motorcyclists to ride to and a well-paved go-kart track inside the city. 

The Ultraviolette F77 is available in three trims, you’ve got the standard, the Recon and the Limited. Unfortunately, you can no longer get your hands on the Limited since Ultraviolette produces a limited number. The one I rode is the Recon, and it is currently the top-of-the-line offering in their product list and packs some impressive specs. However, it comes at a relatively high asking price of Rs. 5 lakhs.


The Ultraviolette F77 is undoubtedly a well-finished premium product and has a good amount of love put into making it. Sure, it’s got a high asking price, but it justifies that higher asking price with high-quality parts, a fabulous design and the low cost of owning an EV. However, when you design a performance motorcycle, you’re bound to attract enthusiasts; they aren’t the most reasonable. They like a vehicle that performs well and can also go the distance; in that regard, the F77 falls short. With a real-world range closer to 200 kms as opposed to the 315 kms suggested by the manufacturer, the F77 leaves you wanting a bit more. 

Factor in the alleged Rs. 50,000 worth of saving over its competition, and it begs the question, is that amount worth the hassle of running out of juice? Well, to me, it really isn’t, and I’d much rather have the convenience of having a petrol-powered vehicle with similar performance for less cost than get lesser performance and pay more in the pursuit to save money eventually.  

Take the price out of the equation, and the F77 is a rather well-made machine and surely deserves a test ride and some consideration if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly motorcycle. If you’re looking for your first bike and intend to do a fair bit of touring, I’d suggest looking elsewhere for now since the infrastructure to support EVs is still coming around.

However, suppose this is a second or a third motorcycle explicitly bought for the city or a quick run to your nearest twisty road. In that case, I’d say this is a fantastic motorcycle that’s let down by its slightly higher asking price. It’s got the built quality and agility and also packs excellent desirability. If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle with a budget of 5 lakhs, you should definitely check out the F77. 

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