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Yamaha R15 V4 | Sporty Commuter

The bike revved the hearts of hot-blooded youth with its race-instinct abilities


Engine Performance, Design , Handling


Comfort and Convenience


The discussion of utmost importance emerges whenever the idea of buying the first bike strikes , and I suspect the iconic name Yamaha R15 never goes disregarded. Ever since the R15 debut in India way back in 2008, it raced past our expectations from the affordable commuter segment. The bike revved the hearts of hot-blooded youth with its racing-instinct abilities. But, out in real-world, there are still various setbacks which can only be convinced by heart err.., but not by the head.

I was filled with contentment when a mail popped up from my senior, mentioning a road test of the new R15 V4. I had a fair share of wisdom riding my friend’s R15 V3 for over three years, and that hints at what’s about to follow with the V4 kept me excited. But this time around, I was put into a job to examine the machine rather than having fun .So, let’s now know about what kept me grinning under the helmet and what kept me frowning as I test rode the Yamaha R15 V4.



Despite being uncomfortable living up with the bike on a day-to-day basis, the overall biking spirit of the R15 V4 keeps you falling in love with it. Not every bike can earn this respect at such a price point. Talking about price, it’s 10-15 thousand costlier depending on the variant. But, the commanding sporty stance, upmarket build quality, superior motor and confidence-inspiring handling justify the extra premium it demands. So-ever, a squared engine along with VVA technology improves the performance of the bike without even compromising the fuel efficiency. All-in-all, the bike craves speed with sporty dynamics that make it a worthy experience, especially for the riders who want to treasure the riding experience.

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