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2021 Jaguar F-Pace | A Fresh change of Pace | First Drive Review




What went wrong for the Jaguar F-Pace earlier was the lack of a special feel. It just didn’t sit well with the majority of the buyers who want a good amount of bling and pop. That it was an excellent car to drive and even sit in, it was lost in it trying to convince it is just as plush as its German peers. However, this latest one has turned the tide and has righted pretty much all the wrongs with the previous one. The exterior gets a refresh with new bumpers, a larger grille that has interesting motifs like the mesh on the grille shaped like the Jaguar logo from yesteryears. There are also sleeker LED headlamps with J-blade LED DRLs.

F-Pace 2

Over to the side of the Jaguar F-Pace, the stance continues with the beautifully rakish roofline and 19-inch wheels. We are sure an inch more would have done the trick, but it isn’t disproportionate by any means. The rear of the Jaguar F-Pace is a bit neater with new bumpers and no exhaust tips popping out, sadly. The LED taillamps are also sleeker with two bumps for aesthetics.

F-Pace 4

The overall design has been sharpened up and looks a lot more modern now. However, it is the inside that will wow you. Step inside, and you are greeted with a red interior that looks absolutely stunning. Nothing about it is chintzy or cheap, and instead, it is a rather rich feel. Jags traditionally have had a focused cabin, and the new F-Pace is no different. It is rich and opulent but also has the Jag touch to it. The touchscreen is the biggest draw, though. It dominates the dashboard, and it has pretty much every function you would need. A 360-degree camera, a super high-resolution 11.4-inch screen, customisable instrument cluster, memory seats, a Meridian sound system, you name it. It has come prepared for a full war with the Germans. The seats are incredibly comfy and supportive, and the rear seats get the steering is plush and packed with features as well.

F-Pace 3

The most significant changes on the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace are on the inside.[/caption] Although the true essence of any Jaguar is the way it drives, and the earlier one was an absolute peach. Mechanically, there has been no change to the F-Pace, so it still gets the same petrol and diesel options. The petrol (seen here) is the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with 250bhp and 365Nm mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. And just like before, the F-Pace is fantastic to drive. The fluid and consistent steering, the responsive engine and the all-metal paddle shifters make it an absolute joy. The engine has a strong surge, especially in sport mode, and the gearbox too is quite adept. Performance is brisk, and unlike its main rivals, the F-Pace is a luxury SUV that entices the owner to drive than be driven around in. The handling is unlike an SUV, and the F-Pace is poised and planted in the corners. There is negligible body roll, and the ride is all too impressive.

F-Pace 5

Sure, it doesn’t have the suppleness of the Germans, but for what it is, the F-Pace is a very comfortable SUV. To, those who liked the driving dynamics of the F-Pace and liked the fact that it is unique but didn’t go ahead because of the lack of plushness can now finally consider one very seriously. It’s got all the makings of a luxury SUV, and now with this update, even the swag that is expected of it.

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