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2022 Lamborghini Urus Performante | Let’s go dancing on the dirt track!

Let’s go dancing on the dirt track!


Its Rally Mode, Extra 16 Hp more than the outgoing Urus


Reduced Ground Clearance by 20 mm, Long Waiting Period


The unmatched charm and seduction of a low-slung, road-hugging, two-door sports car with a sexy silhouette making raucous noise and grabbing the attention of the opposite gender and making it to countless dorm room posters and now wallpapers is unparalleled to anything else. Those names from the Lamborghini stable were the Countach, Murcielago, Aventador and Huracan and despite selling in a minuscule % of total global cars, the brand has the luxury pull bigger than, if not at the same level of a Louis Vuitton or a Patek Phillipe. Imagine if you are the CEO of that company, you would be living an envious, snobbish life with no pressure for sales volume, driving a dream to work every day. Stephan Winkelmann is one such man, the current Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, but the status quo was challenged, and the URUS was born, which totally changed the attitude of Lamborghini and also set a precedent for other car manufacturers of its ilk to follow. A Luxury performance SUV with four seats and ground clearance to drive off a paddy field was a confusing proposition to begin with. I can also resonate with the Ex Ferrari CEO who publicly claimed that they would never make an SUV; that Ferrari Purosangue is now a reality is another story, that they don’t want it to be called a SUV is also a different story  but our story is the URUS Performante.

Chapter 1 - The Name

Let’s start from the name of the book itself – URUS, which actually was a Latin name given by Julius Caesar to a large extinct long-horned European wild bull at the period of the Roman invasion, also called Aurochs. “Performante” is the Italian word for performance, and it is ironic that we were invited to Rome, the epicenter of that roman invasion, to tame this wild bull and measure its true performance.

Chapter 2 - The beginning

It was in 2018 that world’s 1st Super SUV, URUS, was unveiled, and there was quite a build-up to this; teasers and leaks did a great job in keeping the conversations and inquisitiveness on. It was nicknamed the ‘Super SUV’ in 2018 and the first proper all wheel drive SUV in the modern age. Urus was the game changer for Lamborghini and blurred the lines between performance sports cars and luxury SUVs. More than 60% of their annual revenues, and 84% of all the buyers of Urus are 1st-time buyers. After reigning the charts for 5 years the URUS S and now Performante is all the rage to hit the fast luxury lane. The real birth of Lamborghini from an agriculture tractor company to a performance car company was because Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted to make the perfect car after a well known spat with Enzo Ferrari. Well, Urus is that perfect car and the “Performante ‘’ is a layer of perfection added on top of it.

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