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2022 Toyota Innova HyCross | Crown Prince | First Drive Review

The Innova Crysta has always dominated the MPV segment, can the Innova HyCross do the same damage?


Features, Comfort, Refinement


Camera Quality, No Diesel option



Toyota has built a massive legacy in India, and the Innova name tag is a significant cause for its brand reputation in the country. The Innova was introduced back in 2005, and since then, it has impressed people with the space it offers, its comfort, and its reliability. I personally know people who have driven their Innovas for 6-7 lakh kilometres without any issues, and it still runs like brand new. Not only the general people, but even fleet owners have really embraced the Innova and its successor the Innova Crysta for the comfort, refinement and luxury it offers. 

But the only genuine concern and, honestly, complaint that most people had with the Innova was the lack of features it offered when compared to its completion. But that isn't the case anymore with Toyota's latest offering, the Innova HyCross. Packed to the brim with technology and features, the Innova HyCross is here to further dominate the MPV/SUV segment, and in the time I spent with the HyCross, I was genuinely impressed. Let me tell you why! 

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