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Citroen eC3 | Charming Commuter | First Drive Review

Citroen has launched their first ever made-in-India EV, which will be exported to global markets from India and bring the brand one step closer to electrification.


Quirky styling and practicality


Adequate performance


After a successful launch with the C3, Citroen has now decided to launch an EV counterpart to the C3. Named the eC3, it’s got the same charming appearance, quirky styling and badge value, but does it still make more sense that it’s ICE alternative? To find out, we flew down to Chennai, where Citroen had a closed test track to experience the eC3 in a controlled environment. 



I’d say the eC3 makes for a great city commuter and occasional highway cruiser, but I wouldn’t call this an enthusiast package. Considering all its credentials, I’d recommend taking a test drive. Remember that this EV performs best inside the city and should be an excellent package for busy city streets. Prices are yet to be announced by Citroen, but if they do end up pricing the eC3 as aggressively as the C3, not only will it put a lot more things into perspective, but it would also make this one hot EV. 

TopGear Magazine December 2023