Cars/ First-drive/ JIMNY 2023 | Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year | First Drive Review

JIMNY 2023 | Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year | First Drive Review

JIMNY 2023 - Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year!


Off-roading capabilities, Capable & Stylish SUV for urban as well as rural driving.


Its narrow width, Mediocre AC cooling & rear seatbelt 90-second siren.


MACOF: Most Awaited Car of the Year, that's the reputation which precedes before you utter -JIMNY, whose meaning is not yet known, but I have given it a few acronyms through the course of this first-drive review. To start with - Jack-of-all-trades, Ingenious Marvel of the Year. Undoubtedly there has never been any car from the Suzuki stable globally which has evoked so much curiosity, interest and desirability. When the invite came to drive that in the twisties of Dehradun, I packed my off-roading gear and baited to fasten the seat belts and let loose with JIMNY - Just Invented for Mud, Nature & You.

Jimny 2023 is in its fourth generation now, and it's the first Made-in-India 5 -Door version of Jimny; in other markets, the 3-door has already found its niche. When you are reading this, MSIL has confirmed 30,000 bookings and in my conversation with Shashank Srivastava, ED MSIL; the numbers would accelerate faster than 0-100 Kmph, which is not something to get anyone excited about. He quoted that "MSIL has really lagged in the SUV market share and JIMNY is that hope which will take the whole portfolio of MSIL in India competitive and get that market share which it enjoys in other categories.

Mahindra Thar, on the other side, is sharpening its axe with its 5-door version, which they are tightlipped about, but I expect it to break covers around the festive season this year. There is an investment of Rs 960 crore made by MSIL additionally for the 5-door Jimny global debut, and all will be manufactured right here in India.


It's a lifestyle off-road vehicle; when you see it from those lenses, the Jimny looks like a complete package, capable and stylish. It drives well on the tarmac, and it can surprise you with its off-roading character; it has a great legacy preceding it and is iconic. The price is yet to be announced, but the demand will be huge. It's a great addition to the existing garage or the start of a garage. My last acronym for JIMNY sums it up: Joyful, Iconic, Muscular, Naughty and Youthful.

TopGear Magazine December 2023