Cars/ First-drive/ Mercedes Benz EQA 250+: A luxury urban EV bargain?

Mercedes Benz EQA 250+: A luxury urban EV bargain?

How does the most compact and affordable EV from Merc fare?


Handsome design, premium interior featuring Burmester audio experience and battery recyclability at the end of its lifecycle


The back seat experience is not comfortable due to a raised floor and no front storage


The monsoons have arrived now, but Mercedes-Benz India has been showering the Indian market with car launches since the beginning of this year, with six models already unveiled and six more on the horizon. While their EV lineup is expanding, it's shrinking in form factor. It started with the EQC, followed by the EQS, EQB, and the EQE SUV. Now, the newest EV offering from the German marque in India is their most compact and the most affordable one yet—the EQA! How does it fare in our testing? 


To sum it up, the EQA is an adaptation of the GLA, and there is no hiding from it. But it is a much more rounded Urban SUV compared to its ICE sibling. It is premium and comfortable, with a good amount of tech and the bonus of being quiet and greener. Our estimations suggest it would be priced at approximately 60-70 lakhs, and at that price point, it would be competing with the likes of the Volvo XC40 Recharge, which offers better performance and the BMW iX1, which offers better features, e.g. massaging seats. Whether the EQA becomes a steal of a deal or just another follower in the premium EV race will hinge on its pricing strategy.

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