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Range Rover Velar | Flavoured Twist | Drive Experience

The biggest gripe I have with the interior update is …. er.. is its interior update.


Looks, Comfort


No Physical Buttons


What does 'making a statement' mean in the automotive world? What do 'power on wheels' and 'big-bold attitude 'translate into the real world? Chances are, err - what chances? A possibility would be that - the masses, or even experts, would associate all these mentioned terms with Land Rover's range of Range Rovers. Well, why would one not? The kerb appeal, desirability factor, and bold stance make one go head over heels. However, there isn't all that gloomy about Rovers; the price is not in question here, but there are questions over its reliability quotient, electrical gremlins, mechanical and more. Well, Despite all these, the brand has managed to top the luxury SUV tree. The product portfolio they have is rather impressive. The one in question here is the new 2023 facelifted Velar - which slots itself in between the smaller Evoque and the bigger Sport. Does the new Velar stand true in delivering brand ethos? Let's find out. 

There are healthy alternatives to Velar, be it the Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, or even enthu special - the Porsche Macan. But none of these SUVs come closer to the Velar when it comes to sheer kerb appeal. Brand loyalists will tend to ignore every shortcoming of the car and appreciate its merit. At around 1.10 crores, Velar seems to be a reasonable proposition. Considering its luxurious appeal, this vehicle excels in terms of driving dynamics and capabilities. However, in the advent of achieving a minimalistic approach, ditching out physical buttons is the only primary grip. 

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