Cars/ Long-term/ 3 months with the MG Comet EV long term review

3 months with the MG Comet EV long term review

Luxury On A Budget?


Feels premium


Lacks the finesse when scanned with a keen eye


Transitioning from the indulgence of a luxury EV to one positioned at the opposite end of the spectrum might lead one to anticipate a dearth of features and quality. Yet, the Comet defies these expectations admirably. Its interiors exude a welcoming and surprisingly luxurious ambiance, echoed by the sophistication of its screens. While acknowledging that the Audi Q8 operates on an entirely different echelon with incomparable features, the emphasis here lies in the Comet's exceptional cabin design. A masterstroke in everyday city driving, it beckons individuals to move beyond its form factor and recognize the inherent value it offers – a truly formidable package.

TopGear Magazine June 2024