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Hyundai Tucson | Long Term Report

Being an obvious choice for a premium C-SUV.


Ride quality


White Interiors have started picking up dirt


ALMOST ALL OF US IN THE OFFICE NOW USE IT AS THEIR PRIMARY vehicle during shoots. No one in the office ever complains about long drives because almost everyone has taken their fair share of them in it. Its unwavering power and incredibly smooth driving are two of its best qualities. Hyundai’s comprehension of its clientele and their true desires is exemplified by the Tucson. I have not been a fan of the ADAS features, though, since they tend to interfere with

your driving experience even though I use it more in the city. It is possible that turning them off will cut down on how often the system prompts you. It is obviously helpful when traveling on national highways, but it can be quite inconvenient when you are in close proximity to a city and need to make driving decisions. Nevertheless, despite its poor fuel efficiency, it is
still quite charming.

TopGear Magazine February 2024