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Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara | Long Term Final Report

Can It Live Up To The O.G’s Legacy?


It’s EASY to live with


A little too easy


RETURNING HOME IN THE GRAND VITARA IS A SERENE EXPERIENCE, smoothing out the chaos of the road like an electric dream. While it may seem sedate, in a bustling city like Mumbai, that’s a virtue.Yet, I’ve started questioning the build quality of newer cars in general. Odd noises from the left front strut and a broken AC vent (yes, even in a Maruti) make me wonder. Cleaning the tiny crevice between the screen and central console is no easy task.

However, despite the appeal of this mild-hybrid variant, knowing the stronger hybrid offers more features and better fuel efficiency fails to ignite excitement. Even the six-speed AT fails to add zest. Still, it remains the perfect ride home after long work hours,I’ve come to realize.

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