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Nissan Magnite | Long Term Report

To test its VFM credentials


CVT-engine combination, Looks


Lock-unlock button


LAST MONTH, I HAD A NISSAN MAGNITE WITH A MANUAL GEARBOX. It, however, had some issues that needed to be fixed. Meanwhile, they sent out the Magnite with the CVT version, and oh, boy, I can not say how relieved I felt driving an automatic version of Magnite. The CVT transmission is so smooth, and you can barely feel any rubber band effect if driven smartly. Be it on stop-go traffic or highway runs - you won’t complain about the gearbox-engine combination. I did the Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai run with both versions, and it was CVT that I had a pleasant experience with compared to the manual one. Neither did it take too much toll on the fuel economy as well. Driven sedately, I had managed to chunk out around 15kmpl of average fuel economy. In terms of drive quality, suspensions do take the normal undulations and bumps quite well. However, you would hear suspensions doing their work over extremely bad patches.

There are also certain functions that become quite annoying after some time, the primary being the lock-unlock button. You have to manually press the button to unlock the doors, even after switching off the ignition. Then, there was an issue on my test unit, wherein the warning light of the anti-pollution system got active, and I had to send it back to service.

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