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Top 5 Second Hand Cars Under 3 Lakhs

Cars are getting more expensive by the day. Gone are the days when you could get a premium hatchback for under Rs 6 lakhs and an entry-level hatchback for Rs 3 lakhs. This has led the buyers on a tight budget, high and dry. If you have a budget of around Rs 3 lakhs, no brand is presently serving new cars in that range. You can, however, look into the second hand market where you are likely to get a good-condition car under Rs 3 Lakhs. Here are some of your best options. 

 Maruti Suzuki WagonR 

The WagonR needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular options among Indian buyers. If you look at the second-hand market, you will surely find the previous generation of the Wagon R under 3 lakhs. The average year of ownership would be around 2012-2016. It is a reliable piece of machinery that would last a long while. It also comes with the Maruti Suzuki badge, ensuring low service costs. It is powered by a 1L K10B engine that produces 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque. It also came with a CNG option, while the transmission duties were handled by either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AMT transmission. We suggest you buy a VXI or the above variant, providing you with all the essential features. Spare parts won't be an issue with the WagonR 2nd Gen in any city, as it was sold in high numbers. 

 Hyundai Grand i10

If you are looking for a car with a great fit, finish, and good looks, the Grand i10 is a great pick. The Hyundai hatchback was popular among buyers because of its features, performance, and mileage. The cabin of the Grand i10 feels quite premium and might even compete with the current generation of cars. Hyundai's servicing costs are comparable to Maruti Suzuki's, so that aspect is not to be worried about. You can find the Grand i10 in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol is a 1.2-litre Kappa engine that produces 81 HP and 114 Nm torque. The diesel, conversely, is a 1.1-litre U2 CRDi unit that produces 70bhp and 160 Nm torque. The petrol engine has a manual or an automatic transmission, while the diesel engine only has a 5-speed manual. The Sportz variant would be our pick with the Grand i10, but you can also buy the Magna or Asta. The Era would be the variant to avoid due to a lack of features. The spare parts wouldn't be an issue with the Grand i10.

 Maruti Suzuki Alto 

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is an entry-level hatchback made by an Indian automaker. It is a small and efficient hatchback with fantastic fuel efficiency figures. You can find the Alto K10 and the discontinued Alto 800 in the second-hand market under 3 Lakh. There are multiple generations that you will find in the second hand market. Again, these cars are from Maruti Suzukis and are very light on the pocket when it comes to servicing and maintenance. The engine powering the Alto 800 and Alto K10 is the 1L K10B petrol engine that produces 67 hp and 90 Nm torque. There are two options for the transmission: a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT. We suggest you buy a VXi or above variant to get all the essential features. Alto’s spare parts are easy to find, like the other cars mentioned. 

 Maruti Suzuki Swift

Few cars in India are close to the legacy of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. Its initial generations served everyone, the fun-loving drivers, the mileage-centric users, and those who wanted a good-looking car. The Swift might be a good choice even in the second-hand market. You should comfortably get the first and second generation swift in the second-hand market under 3 Lakhs. The Swift would be better than the WagonR and Alto for interior quality and design. The service is also very affordable for the users. There are two engine options in the Swift, a petrol and a diesel. Earlier, you got a 1.3-litre petrol engine which was replaced by a 1.2-litre unit that produces 83 Hp and 115 Nm of torque. The diesel engine is a 1.3L one that churns out 74 Hp and 190 Nm torque. The transmission only has one option, which is the 5-speed manual (with an AMT introduced in later generations). Spare parts for the Swift are easily accessible. 

 Renault Kwid 

The Renault Kwid was a car that made a unique place for itself due to its confident stance and SUV-like looks. The hatchback also had a higher ground clearance, which made it a good option for Indian buyers. The first-generation Kwid will quickly be available in the second-hand market. The features that set it apart include a digital speedometer, a touchscreen infotainment display and good looks. The Kwid is also considered a car with one of the lowest service costs in India. You will get two engine options when buying the Renault Kwid, including a 800cc and a 1-litre unit. The 800cc unit produces 53hp and 72Nm torque, while the 1-litre engine churns out 67hp and 91Nm torque. We would suggest you buy the 1-litre engine variant for the added performance it offers. It also comes in a Klimber variant that you can also consider. Spare parts of the Kwid are available in all metro cities, but you might find issues in smaller towns. We suggest you check availability in your area. 

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