News/ Industry/ Aspark Owl SP600 breaks the fastest electric car world record!

Aspark Owl SP600 breaks the fastest electric car world record!

If you haven't heard about the brand yet, allow me to enlighten you. Aspark is a Japanese electric hypercar manufacturer. Aspark flooded the news with their Owl (it is a car name) earlier with a mind-boggling 0-100 kmph sprint. This happened back in 2018, and it only took Aspark 1.9 seconds. Aspark is also not a very new brand as the company was founded in 2005.


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Aspark dethroned Rimac Nevera, and the EV race is heating up


The test was held at Automotive Testing Papenburg in Germany because they have long straights, and Rimac Nevera earned its speed record and 23 extra records on the same ground. The vehicle tested is one of the prototypes from Aspark. However, the Japanese marque intends to produce only 50 of the specimens worldwide. The speed recorded on the Racelogic V-box is an unbelievable 438.73kmh (272.6mph). The previous records were from Rimac Nevera, topping at 415kmh. At least for a short period of time, Pininfarina, owned by Mahindra, gave a tough battle to Nevera with a blistering 357kmh. 


The record-breaking run was held on June 8th, 2024 and the hypercar achieved this impressive feat on its second attempt. Behind the wheels of Aspark Owl SP600 was Marc Basseng, a German racing driver who already has land speed records under his belt. This includes the 24-hour endurance race with the Audi R8 LMS ultra in 2012 and the fastest Nürburgring lap record with Pagani Zonda in 2010. At the age of 45 years, Marc Basseng is proving he is still the best in the business. 


However, the hypercar was built and developed by the Italian manufacturer Manifattura Automobili Torino, in short, M.A.T. Since Mate Rimac is the CEO and founder of Rimac, things get easy for us journalists. M.A.T has proven its thrust for speed with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ SCG003C and SCG003, Apollo Intensa Emozione, and the Lancia-inspired ‘New Stratos’ (that is what they are calling it). Bridgestone came to their rescue in manufacturing

special Potenza Race tyres for the speed of unknown.

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Specs of the Aspark Owl SP600 prototype have not been released to the public yet after months of the speed run. That said, the previous model had a near 2000hp and nearly 2000Nm from quad motor setup and a 64kWh battery pack.

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