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MG Hypercar with Parachute Brakes, the Most Insane Concept Ever

MG unveiled their electric Hypercar at the Chinese Auto Show 2024 and it is out of this world. MG calls it EXE181, why you may ask, it is the most proud nameplate for MG. The story behind it? The original MG EX181 was built for a land speed record and it did break records. The most breathtaking history of MG was made at Bonneville Salt Lakes in 1959 on MG EX181 with a top speed of 410kmph. 

A manufacturer paying tribute to their legends is the best way possible to keep the legacy alive. But it is a thin line and either it could go very wrong or very right. Thankfully by the looks of the concept, the new EXE181 is only better. Just like the grandpa, the concept is a single-seater Hypercar. MG went all the way in 1950 for the design EX181 to cut through air like a hot knife through butter. Resulting in an ultra-futuristic teardrop shape with just 0.181 drag coefficient. Something which even modern sports cars can only dream of. Back in the day at the heart of the matter was a 1.5L  supercharger four-cylinder engine churning out only 300hp. 

The latest concept car looks heavily inspired by the original from all angles and the car sits very low to the ground making it more clear it is built to the purpose. The exterior seamlessly blends into the windshield leaving that side transparent and other translucent. The windshield also seems to be heavily tinted making it look half car, half spaceship. Let's be honest, some of this might be a tad too wild for real life, but hey, a man can dream! That said, in the images, the car is also seen equipped with parachute brakes which will be a must-have when it comes to life.

Peek inside the single-seater capsule, it has a yoke for steering with an integrated touchscreen in the middle of it, fancy right? The white interiors are complimented with bright teal materials like the four-point harness, what else, that is pretty much of it. That's pretty much all MG has spilt so far, except for the mind-melting 0-to-100 kmph in 1.2 seconds. That indicates the MG EXE181 aims to shatter all land speed records if it ever went production. We are hopeful but to be honest, not prepared. P.S. Reminding ourselves the current fastest accelerating car is an EV, the (unextinguishable) Rimac Nevera, it's got two seats. This? This is a whole new level of crazy.

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