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Charge your EV in 10 minutes with this Indian-origin researcher's tech

Sales of electric cars are on the rise, but one crucial aspect that has always hampered their growth is their charging times. The majority of EVs need to be charged overnight for hours before they can achieve their target range. However, an Indian-origin researcher has found a solution to this exact problem. He claims this new tech can charge EVs in 10 minutes. What is this technology, and how is it being used? Read ahead to find out.

What is the hype about?

The EV world noticed when Indian-origin researcher, Mr Ankur Gupta claimed that a team led by him has discovered a technology that can charge a laptop in merely one minute while an electric vehicle could be charged in as little as ten minutes. Gupta is currently an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, which is based in the USA. He published these findings in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It talked about how ions, that are miniscule charged particles, can move in a complex network of small pores. Gupta claims that this discovery could lead to the development of more efficient energy storage devices, such as ‘supercapacitors.’

The breakthrough is not only important for storing power in electric cars but also can make a major difference in power grids. This is because varying energy demands require efficient storage devices for avoiding wastage during the low demand phase and ensuring a quick delivery during high demand cycles. 

What are supercapacitors?

Gupta said that supercapacitors are energy storage devices based on ion collection in their pores. They have fast charging times and longer life spans compared to batteries. Researchers have found that the most important part of a supercapacitor is its speed. Until now, the ion movements were only theoretically present in one straight pore. This discovery has allowed for the simulation and prediction of the flow of ions in a sophisticated network of thousands of interlinked pores in minutes. 

Are you also excited to see this tech enter the mass market?

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