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Ferrari Working on Aerodynamic Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Future Hypercars

Ferrari is developing an aerodynamic hydrogen fuel cell. If I told you this line some years back, you would call me a fool, wouldn’t you? Well, times have changed, and I guess so has Ferrari. They’re a part of the same race as others, making the best electric or hydrogen-fueled cars that they can. Some patents suggest that they might have some exciting plans. Let’s talk about these. 

What is Unique in Ferrari Fuel Cells?

While everyone is working on hydrogen fuel cells, Ferrari has done it their way in terms of shape and placement. They put it in the same place where you would find the combustion engine in a Ferrari Supercar. This leads to better driving dynamics for the new Ferraris. It would also ensure that the centre of gravity lies at the chassis's halfway point and at the car's lower end. 

Better Aerodynamics of Ferrari Fuel Cells 

If you look at how Ferrari has designed the cell stack and the supporting elements, you will find that their shape leaves a substantial space on top and bottom. This helps keep the car's height less, allowing designers to make it more aerodynamic. The base of the cell stack can be used as an aerodynamics tool while keeping the stack towards the top of the car instead of in the middle. Ferrari plans to place an upward ramp below the car to clear the quick air. If they use the fuel stack to create this ramp, they can make the system cheaper while not hampering the performance.

Ferrari Hard at Work

Ferrari is working overtime for all of its electric and hydrogen car updates. The stack we talked about helps them save space that can be used to place the in-wheel hub motors. Ferrari can also place the battery pack of electric cars in a similar position to this stack. These motors can also be used with a battery-electric vehicle. Some patents have revealed that Ferrari might also be considering hydrogen combustion engines. The present-day picture is a little different, with Ferrari planning to launch the Ferrari 12 Cilindri with a juicy V8.

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