News/ Industry/ Honda showcases EV Concepts From The e:N Series at the Shanghai Autoshow

Honda showcases EV Concepts From The e:N Series at the Shanghai Autoshow

Honda's goal in China is to become an EV-only carmaker by 2035, so it is working ceaselessly on ten new EVs that will be available by 2027. The first of them were carefully previewed in Shanghai by the Honda e:NP2, e:NS2, and e:N SUV Prologue concepts, which will debut on the Chinese market in 2024.

The trio of concepts represents Honda's e:N series' second and third batches. They will be the successors of the HR-V-based e:NP1 / e:NS1 SUVs, which debuted in 2021 and will be accompanied by the production version of the e:N2 sedan.

The e:NP2 and e:NS2 prototypes look to be nearing completion. Honda has previously stated that the two models will be available for purchase in early 2024. The SUVs share a lot of their bodywork but with distinct faces. The e:NP2's headlights are evocative of Renault, whilst the e:NS2's LED graphics and fangs are more reminiscent of Peugeot. The prototypes' silhouettes are nearly identical, resembling a development of the existing HR-V / Vezel with sharper surfacing and more extraordinary coupe-SUV vibes.

Honda did not divulge the e:NP2 / e:NS2 characteristics, but they will most likely share the same foundations with equal power outputs and battery capacity. The key distinction is that the e:NP2 will be produced by GAC Honda, while the e:NS2 will be produced by Dongfeng Honda.

The Honda e:N SUV (Prologue) idea appears to be an entirely electric version of the ICE-powered CR-V/Breeze. Honda claims it is previewing an unspecified number of production vehicles that will arrive in China before the end of 2024 (likely two comparable versions) and will be the first to use the new e:N Architecture W. The style language is similar to e:NP2 / e:NS2, but generally significantly cleaner. The bigger variant has a more angular front with no grille or intakes, smaller full-width LED headlights, and boxier wheel arches.

The carmaker also stated that the new e:N vehicles will have "near-futuristic intelligence," implying the newest AI-powered version of the Honda Connect infotainment system and powerful ADAS functions. Honda promised a joyful driving experience and a simple yet technologically advanced interior.

Honda intends to sell only EVs and FCEVs worldwide by 2040, to be a carbon-neutral brand by 2050.

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