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Hyperflux will flex as the India's First Electric Supercar

Zuperspeed, a Bangalore-based company, is planning to pioneer Indian electric supercars. The Hyperflux will be the first electric Indian supercar and will be showcased in December 2024. The supercar will produce around 300 hp with an in-house electric powertrain. Zuperspeed Hyperflux will be sold in India initially and exported to other parts of Asia and eventually to the United Kingdom as well.

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More about Hyperflux

Apart from the power figure, the manufacturer also targets a top speed of 250 kmph. The supercar will weigh almost 1100 kg dry. A significant portion of this weight is expected to come from the battery packs, but we don't know their actual capacity. However, the brand also aims for a range of 280 km to 320 km. All that is fascinating, but Zuperspeed raised our expectations when they hinted (or hyper-flexed) at a plan for a dual-motor setup that will put out 800 hp of power! Although this might take a while.

Our good folks at TopGear UK sat with the ex-Flipkart employee turned CEO, Ijaz Anwer. He grew up with a fond passion for automotive and motorsport, eventually leading him to be one of the contributors to the Indian automotive scenes. The exclusive interview gave us some insights into the upcoming India's first electric supercar. Ijaz Anwer said, “We looked at our target customers, most of whom were born in the ‘90s and 2000s, and realised that the majority continue to hold an appreciation for the poster car silhouettes of that era. That’s something we wanted to retain with the Hyperflux.”

He added, “It’s where the base inspiration comes from, and it helped us realise we don’t want to create a product that’s overly futuristic or alien. We want it to be distinguishable from other EVs and hope to do so by taking a more vintage approach.”

The vehicle in the images looks as mean as the elite supercars and maybe even meaner than the segment competitor, MG Cyberster. The only thing that confuses us is the hood scoop on an electric car. Why? On the other hand, interiors are said to take a luxurious approach, and the brand is also planning to incorporate AI tech.

On this note, Zuperspeed CEO said, “One of the main features of this technology will be a unique kind of driver-assist that we’re developing, which aims to learn and understand a person’s driving behaviour, and then use that data to tell them how certain inputs and reactions can be improved. We want it to act as a co-driver almost, providing constant feedback on where incremental gains can be made.”

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