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JLR’s Future Models Will Have A Chinese Platform!

JLR is headed to China not to sell cars but to go on a shopping spree of platforms. Confused? Let me explain: JLR is following all the legacy brands of the West and using platforms from Chinese manufacturers for their future models. The cars in question are their EVs, and the brand they have chosen is Chery.  Heard that name for the first time? Unlike you, JLR has known this Chinese brand for a long while. Tag along as we explore their relationship and also talk about the platforms JLR plans to use. 

JLR and Chery: An Old Secret Relationship

JLR has tied up with Chery for a long time, so both benefit the Chinese market. It all started in 2012 (Yes, 12 years ago!), and they have co-produced cars since then. Their partnership is deep to the point that they have shared a car production facility in China since 2014. They are taking this bond to a new level by partnering with Chery’s subsidiary Exceed to use two of Exceed’s platforms for the future JLR EVs. There are no doubts, as Chery Group’s president, Yin Tongyao, also confirmed this news. 

The platforms that will make their way to the JLR inventory are the M3X and E0X from Exceed. The M3X’s other name is T2X, and it is a multitasker in terms of the kind of powertrains it can handle. It comfortably fits both an ICE and plug-in Hybrid Electric setup.JLR can freely use them in the next-generation models that might come under the roof of the legendary Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models. 

Capability of the Platforms

The M3X platform has gotten the nickname ‘Super Hybrid’ because of its capabilities. It has underpinned cars like Exceed RX PHEV, Chery Fulwin T9, and some others from Chery. Talking about numbers, you get 9 operating modes, 1000 km+ range, 11 gear combinations, and a thermal efficiency of 44.5%. One unique bit it has is the first gearbox in the world that can manage two electric motors while supporting an internal combustion engine. 

The other E0X platform JLR uses was co-developed by Exceed and Huawei (Don’t they make phones?). It has formed the basis for cars like the Exlantix ES, Exlantix ET, Luxeed S7, and Luxeed R7.

This is a more electric-centric platform that supports EVs and Extended-Range EVs (EREV) hybrids. It incorporated an 800V architecture. Its important elements include a 12 kWh/100 km consumption rating, advanced autonomous driving, and air suspension. These make it a good choice for use in high-end vehicles with range extenders. 

Now, if you are judging JLR for its Chinese shopping, then think again. That is because all our favourite brands are doing the same. Volkswagen is using XPeng’s platform, and Audi is relying on SAIC’s. No, it's not a German idea either. British brands like Lotus, Smart, and Volvo have opted for Geely’s platforms, while the French Renault is using Chinese tech for its Twingo.

Is using Chinese Platforms for their models a good plan for Western Giants?

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