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Mahindra Thar.e Vision Unveiled | Expected To Make Into Production By 2025

The Mahindra Thar name has caused a stir in the automotive industry, and it has now soared to greater heights with the unveiling of its electric concept, Tha.e. The Thar EV epitomizes the brand's steadfast commitment to embracing electric vehicles without compromising on its SUV-adventure ethos. Well, well, well - don't bash around the internet about the reliability and capability of electric vehicles, especially for their go-anywhere capabilities. We are a long way from it, and so is the Thar EV. Based on current projections, it appears that the launch period is tentatively set for 2025-2026. However,it is imperative to take into account external factors that could potentially cause delays, despite the expectation of success within a certain timeline. M&M had already made a strategic investment in their new-age EVs, and it would be a matter of time before we expect a revolution sooner than expected. 

Thar EV will be built on Mahindra's INGLO EV platform. To learn more about the INGLO  platform - click here. The BE and XUV.e electric car ranges have charted their courses, and now it's the Thar's turn to pave a fresh path forward. And since it's not built on ladder-frame chassis and gets a new platform, Mahindra will directly launch Thar EV in a 5-door version. Head to our Youtube channel to check out its styling cues and design elements. But, to sum up, the looks and appeal of the product are radical and bring out the neo-retro theme to its design. There are evident hints of Bronco in its appearance. Note - it's a concept, and the production version may look slightly different. 

According to a few reports, Mahindra would likely be sourcing batteries and motors from BYD, and later on, it would develop the supply chain and product with Volkswagen.Thar.e is likely to use motors sourced from Volkswagen. The battery capacity of the Thar EV would be either a smaller 60 kW or a bigger 80kW battery. 60kW would be good enough to give a real-world driving range of around 300km, whereas 80kW would give WLTP range of around 430km. Regarding dimensions, the wheelbase would be between 2,775mm and 2,975mm. Powertrain numbers are not clear as of now, but expect it to get a dual-motor setup with a healthy dose of torque. 

As already mentioned, the launch date is speculated to be around 2025-2026. Ignore the driving range, ignore its design, ignore its mechanicals. However, it would be hard not to cherish the new electric revolution under our way. The future credentials look radical and surprising as the Thar EV concept.  

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