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Singer DLS Turbo Revealed | Wanted: Some Money!

I was so excited to write about this car but as I come to articulate my words, I am just dumbfounded. Okay, I’m still thinking. Damn! IT IS TOO GOOD! The haunches, the width, the face, the ass, the wing…spoiler alert! I’ll come to all of it in a bit.

Let’s start with Singer shall we? So, imagine this…it’s the onset of the 1990s, the 964 chassis Porsche 911 has just been launched. A car that would go on to become a legend down the line. And right around the financial crisis in USA, in 2009, a new company takes birth in California called Singer. A company especially aimed at modifying the 964 chassis 911s at the direction of its clients.

Singer’s cars have always been showered with a lot of love from 911 lovers but their newest project, the DLS Turbo just blows a fuse in my brain. The previous two versions that were called the Dynamics & Lightweight Study (DLS) and the Turbo Study have now been merged in holy matrimony to reproduce this, the DLS Turbo. A man living under the rock, reading Pixar comics could interpret this one as a DLS with turbochargers. But as your squinting eyes and constant hard-on may tell you, it’s not as simple as just gluing on a turbocharger.

Singer’s founder Rob Dickinson says that he wanted to go to town with the design on that back, and oh he did! That is a town I think all carmakers should visit!

So coming back to the spoiler, the DLS Turbo can be had with two wings, a subtle ducktail for those of y’all that like to wear boat shoes and have champagne on a yacht in Monaco or a loop spoiler that is clearly visible from the ISS (especially in that bright orange) for those of you who wear Gucci cardigans and party with models 40,000ft. in the sky. If you both of these sound like you, I’m sure Singer would have some way to accommodate a bulk discount. Or, if buying two is not your move, then Rob Dickinson does say that on special request they can provide replaceable front and rear end parts in flight cases for both designs. That’s because, the face changes with your choice of wing to balance the maniacal design at the rear.

So, the heart of this beauty is a 3.8L twin-turbo flat-six beast that produces 700hp while on its way to a redline of 9000rpm. And yes, it’s a manual transmission! The engine and its cooling system takes up space everywhere, so choose a co-passenger who is willing to carry all your luggage on their lap!

The DLS Turbo will be ‘restored’ at Singer’s Oxfordshire facility in UK. With their ever-growing workforce, Team Singer now consists of 500+ employees worldwide. Singer ‘restored’ 75 cars to become DLSs. And the number has now been upped to 99 for the DLS Turbo project. Pricing is still hush hush within the Hollywood hills, but with the previous gen DLS being tagged at $2 Million, let’s let our imaginations loose!

If you want your hands on one, it will take more than a two million dollar sized hole in your trousers. That’s because the waiting list for Singer’s restored Porsche 911s now stretches to 2027, with each buyer more influential than the other. The demand for every creation from Singer is insatiable, leaving enthusiasts yearning for more. Now, prepare to be swept away in a whirlwind of unparalleled excitement, surpassing anything the company has achieved before. While Singer’s previous cars embodied exquisite craftsmanship with a subtle elegance, the introduction of the DLS Turbo takes their artistry to new heights, cementing its place as probably the most audacious and exhilarating automobile of the decade. Brace yourselves for an automotive masterpiece that pushes boundaries and ignites passion like never before. As for me, I want one, so go ahead to and every cent of your generous contribution would be appreciated. “So eine Website gibt es nicht, aber probieren Sie es doch mal aus! Tschüss”

Words: Sresht Garg

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