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Top 10 EVs with longest range 2024

Thinking of an EV and the range anxiety making you abandon the idea? We are not doctors but let us try to help you with this anxiety issue. Here are the Top 10 EVs with the longest range in India which will hopefully take you on road trips or will give you days of short-run Sukoon..

It's important to note that the ranges mentioned below are based on generous standard test cycles and may differ in real-world conditions like driving style and terrains.

10. Audi e-tron

The larger battery variant claiming a 484 km WLTP range, this family SUV is in the top 10. The Audi e-tron is the first all-electric SUV from the German manufacturer and it was launched in 2021. Unlike many first EV renditions, the brand has not embraced any juvenile drip which might be a USP for some. This is also mostly due to the MLB  platform it shares with its ICE counterparts like Q8, Q7, and Q5.

Audi offers e-tron in five variants across two body styles. One among them is the Sportback for enthusiasts with the sloping roof of a coupe SUV. All models come with Audi Quattro. This means that it is an AWD  that sends power to all four wheels. 

The e-tron 50 produces 313 hp of power and 540 Nm of torque and has a 71 kW battery pack. The more powerful e-tron 55 motor produces 408 hp of power and 664 Nm of torque and has a 91 kW battery pack. The former one is good for 379 km of the WLTP claimed range. The SUV is equipped with charging ports on both sides of the vehicle for added convenience.

9. Audi e-tron GT

The Audi e-tron GT claims a 500 km WLTP range and this is a sporty tourer. That is not all, Audi also offers a more furious RS e-tron GT which also takes a slight hit in the claimed range even with the same 93 kW battery. So, here we are considering the normal e-tron GT with 530 hp of power and 630 Nm of torque. 

The front end of the e-tron GT sports a large grille layout which is closed with body-coloured trim pieces. However, the car's sleek proportions are accompanied by a connected tail lamp at the rear. Just like other Audi Electric vehicles this also has two charging ports on the sides.

P.S. This is not the last 4-door saloon on this list. 

8. BYD Atto 3

Chinese manufacturer BYD claims an ‘Ultra-long range’ of 521 km ARAI figure with this premium Crossover SUV. The blade technology used by BYD is said to be a safer and more advanced battery technology. 

The funky-looking SUV is wilder on the inside, with Guitar-like strings on speakers, a rotating centre screen, an aeroplane-inspired gear knob and the list goes on and on. For more clarity do checkout BYD Atto 3 on our Youtube channel.

The electric motor churns out 201 hp of power and 150 Nm of torque while carrying a 60.48 kW battery pack.

7. BMW i4 

The electric range claimed from the WLTP test cycle is up to 590 km on a single charge. The G26 4-series Gran Coupe sibling is based on the same CLAR platform and repurposed for EV adoption. The BMW i4’s design is not as radically different from the 4-series, hence it also has polarising huge kidney grilles with not as much purpose. The 3/4th of the grille is covered in black plastic trim pieces.

The heart of the matter has a power of 340 hp and 430 Nm of torque sent to the rear wheels. The car can also be specced with an M aerodynamic Kit but all of them will have a dash of electric blue on the interiors. 

6. BMW i7

The bigger German limousine professes a WLTP range of 625 km on a single charge. Competing with the arch nemesis, the electric Seven-series doesn’t fall short of luxury. Despite this, illuminated humongous kidney grilles with split-eyed headlamps are overlooked by the theatre lounge experience with a 31.3 inch 8k screen and lavish tech inside. 

The i7 is presented in 2 variants namely xDrive60 and xDrive50 M Sport. The xDrive60 is obviously more powerful and also comes with a bigger battery pack. This motor churns out 544 hp of power and 745 Nm of torque.

5. Hyundai Ioniq 5

First but not the last from a Korean carmaker the Ionic 5 has a claimed range of 631 km. The car is built on E-GMP with a skateboard architecture providing an abundant amount of cabin space. The neo-retro look with pixelated lights is like a successor to the original DMC Delorean.

The motor puts out an electrifying 214 hp of power with 350 Nm of torque driving the rear wheels. The battery pack is rated just at 72.6 kW making this the smallest battery on this list.

4. BYD Seal 

The most globally sold Electric Vehicle manufacturer BYD claims up to 650 km of range with just an 82.56 kW battery pack. BYD Seal is sold in three variants with differences in range and performance figures. The mid-spec namely ‘Premium‘ can take you the longest drive without any halt.

Seal is a well-proportioned smooth saloon and globally competes with the likes of the EV giant Tesla Model 3. Moreover, fully CBU BYD Seal has also disrupted the Indian segment with stellar pricing.

3. Porsche Taycan 

The optional performance battery plus pack has a claimed WLTP range of 678 km and  590 km with the standard battery pack. Taycan with optional performance battery plus produces 429 hp of power and 420 Nm of torque.

The Porsh has made their EV available not just in one but in two body forms, a saloon and an estate. Luckily for Porsche, the Taycan is one of the rare EVs loved worldwide. Being Built on a shared platform of Audi e-tron gt the Taycan also has two charging ports.

2. Kia EV6

Kia’s current flagship from yet another Korean carmaker has a claimed range of 708 km from the ARAI test cycle. The underpinning of EV6 is the same as its sibling from another mother Ionic 5. 

Kia EV6 GT-line and EV6 GT-line AWD are the two available variants in India. The performance buff should go for the faster AWD option while the rest of those who are more anxious about the range can pick the RWD option.

The 77.4kW comparatively smaller battery pack in this list can be charged with a whopping 350 kW DC fast charger in just 18 minutes if you ever come across one.

1.  Mercedes Benz EQS 580 4Matic

Thanks to the humongous 107.8 kW battery pack EQS 580 tops our list with a professed ARAI range of 857 km. The EQS is also made available in two variants in the country. The Mercedes Benz AMG 53 EQS 4Matic+ is the most powerful one among them but it only has a longer name, not the range. 

The Standard EQS 580 is seen as the S-class of the EV world and produces 516 hp of power and 855 Nm of torque. This rounded dolphin-like design also has a fair share of critics. However, the interior is tech-heavy and provides a hyper screen even for the co-driver.

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