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TVS Eurogrip Roadhound Tyres | Track Ride Review

The last time I was with TVS Eurogrip, it was during the testing of their Protorq Extreme tyres on race-spec Apache RTR 2004V at Madras Motor Race Track. Those tyres were designed for bikes ranging from 150-300cc, and before these tyres get their revamped version soon, TVS Eurogrip has brought in their Roudhound tyres for middle-weight motorcycles. The increase in demand and the limited import ban on tyres allowed manufacturers to foray into the market. Since it's a made-in-India product, the cost is kept well in check to compete against its established rivals, such as Pirelli Angel GT, Michelin Pilot Road 4, and more. The Roadhound superbike tyres come in 3 sizes, starting from  120/70 ZR17 58W (Rs 12,999 ) for the front and  160/60 ZR17 69W ( Rs 14,999) and 180/55 ZR17 73W (16,999) for the rear. We sampled these tyres on a bunch of different motorcycles, including -  Harley-Davidson Street Rod, Benelli TRK 502, Kawasaki Ninja 650, Kawasaki Z650, Benelli Leoncino 500 and CBR 650F. Gavin Rodrigues from our team has already recieved these Roadhound tyres for his Triumph Street Triple. To check out the video, click here. 

About TVS Eurogrip Roadhound Tyres 

First thing first, about the brand - TVS Eurogrip. It is a well-known brand in the market with 40-plus years of experience. The brand was incorporated in 1982 and has manufacturing facilities in Madurai ( Tamilnadu ) and Pantnagar ( Uttarakhand), with a monthly production capacity of over 3 million tyres. We recently visited their manufacturing facility in Madurai, wherein they proved their technology prowess with their R&D facility and manufacturing capabilities. The company also has an advanced tyre technology development centre in Milan, Italy. Moreover, tyres are tested across various vehicles and performance parameters by a jury of experienced global riders. Even former Grand Prix racer Toshihiro Wakayama accompanied us during the experience event. 

The Roadhound tyres are the first Eurogrip tyres with the new Quadrazone Compound Technology. The technology ensures dedicated compounds for the shoulders and central portions of the thread, which in turn- aids grip during cornering and mileage on straights. The technology also benefits heat management and equal wear and tear of the tyres. TVS  Eurogrip claims these tyres have been tested extensively to perform well in wet conditions; however, their claims need to be tested. Moreover, it's too soon to comment on the longevity of tyres. We also received the tyres for the road-test, so stay tuned for an in-depth experience.  

Regarding the compound of the tyres, the Roadhound tyres contain more than 40 different elements, wherein the rubber polymer accounts for 70 percent of the raw material. These are radial tubeless tyres, resulting in more contact points with the surface, thus enhancing grip. The tyres also come with Zero Degree Steel belt technology, wherein the steel belt cord is wrapped uniformly above the carcass circumference. 

Tyre Experience On Track 

Among the slew of bikes ranging from ADV to roadsters to naked to sports, the Roadhound tyres performed remarkably well. The first bike I took was the TRK 502, which would be the last one to find its home on the race track. But, honestly, it was fun muscling the bike on the technical Kari Motor Speedway. I took it cautiously; however, the tyres inspired enough grip to let me push it a bit harder than I could. After a few laps, the bike felt so engaging to ride. Braking hard on straights and then attacking corners - everything felt composed and stable. After TRK 502, I hopped on to Harley-Davidson Street Rod; even the Harley felt quite fun to ride. Tyres had enough grip; thus, pushing the bike felt relatively comfortable and playful. However, the tarmac on the track is top-notch, so the grip level and experience were better with these machines. TRK 502 and Street Rod would be mostly used on Indian roads; how well they will perform in real-world conditions would be the test of time. 

The bikes I was excited to ride on the track were the Kawasakis - the Ninja 650 and Z650. The Z650 was THE most enjoyable bike on the track, especially for me. Before Z650, I rode Ninja 650, and It was not as delightful an experience as I would have thought it would be. The primary reason is the bike's condition, as it was poorly maintained. Just after Ninja 650, I had my last riding season on Z650, and as I mentioned earlier, it was the most playful bike on the track. After an out lap, I started pushing the bike hard on the corners; the sporty character of the bike was well complemented by the Roadhound tyres. Leaning hard on the corners was confidence-inspiring. Even under hard braking, the tyres did not lose their composure and felt grippy. 

There are a lot of factors ( longevity, real-world performance ) that need to be checked, but the first impressions, especially on the track, were quite satisfactory. The affordability of the tyres is on point, starting at Rs 13000 thousand , Roadhound tyres should be in your potiential consideration. 



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