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Volkswagen Brings Back Harlequin

The 90s were wild, and so were the cars of that era. Since 90s fashion is making a comeback, Volkswagen is bringing back its own crazy costume. The Harlequin (or Harlekin) is back in the form of the most modern electric hatch, the ID.3. Not just like the old one with its flashy four-color mix, but now with an electrifying twist: an electro-luminescent paint job.

More on Electroluminescent ID.3 Harlequin Edition is in the dark until now, but we are promised the car will shine bright at night. Staying true to the originals, the ID.3 Harlequin will also be available only with the green, blue, yellow, and red combination. There are four different patterns, and customers will be surprised to find out which one they get until delivery.

The party trick (quite literally) is that these different colored body panels on the new ID.3 EVs will pulse according to the ChatGPT-equipped music system. Volkswagen clearly wants you to believe this crazy concept, and they even went so far as to unveil the whole thing with the ID.7 concept car a year ago. Bookings start today, and we have to admit, we enjoyed the promotional video and appreciate the year-long preplanning and effort for this April Fools' joke.

Taking account of the German automaker's history of April Fool's jokes, do you all remember in 2021 when Volkswagen changed its name to Voltswagen? This year, another one raises our eyebrows: The Roobadge, which replaces the original VW logo to avoid kangaroo collisions by producing a sound beam. Phew! The brand even went to the extent of claiming they've worked with kangaroo behaviorists from the University of Melbourne. That's a very niche application, but hey, we'll swallow it if it works for Australians. Who would have thought automotive journalism could be so similar to investigative journalism?

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