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2024 Bentley Continental GT to be unveiled in June

The Bentley Continental GT first debuted in 2002, and the fourth-gen of the grand tourer will be revealed in June 2024. This will also be the first car to be built around Bentley’s Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain.

2024 Bentley Continental GT hybrid powertrain

The hybrid powertrain, which consists of a new V8 engine complemented by an electric motor, produces 771hp of power and 1000Nm of torque. This makes the upcoming Continental GT the most powerful road car in the company’s 105-year old history. The hybrid powertrain will also enable the Continental GT to drive upto 80km solely on electric power.

2024 Bentley Continental GT chassis

The fourth-gen Continental GT will also sport the latest generation of chassis technology, including active all wheel drive with torque vectoring, four-wheel steering, an electronic limited slip differential (LSD), 48V active anti-roll control and new dual-valve dampers. 

The Continental GT is one of Bentley’s most popular models, second only to the Bentayga, and the 100,000th example of the iconic grand tourer will be built at Bentley’s Dream Factory in Crewe, England by early next year.

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