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Bugatti Unleashes V16 Hybrid Tourbillon Producing 1800 hp

Bugatti is back with a car that proves their motto 'If it is comparable, it is no longer Bugatti' right. The name of this monster is the Tourbillon, which is named after a little mechanism used to keep high-end watches precise. It suits the car perfectly as it attempts to bring the experience of a luxury watch inside a car. Here is all you need to know about it:

The Veyron Heritage

An excellent way to think of the future is to reminisce. We want to remind you of the Bugatti Veyron, which set the world record for the fastest production car in its prime. The Chirron followed its trail by setting the same record all over again. Now, 20 years after the launch of the Veyron, we have got the Tourbillon. Bugatti wants to take the Veyron's legacy forward with this car and make it the fastest road car. 

The Animal Under the Hood

How will it become the fastest car on the road? With a powerhouse of a type we have only seen in aircraft or trains before, which will further be aided by three electricity guzzlers. Behold, a naturally aspirated V16 in a car! Yes, a V16; we did not misspell a W16 that we are used to from Bugatti. Bugatti has dropped the W16 we saw in the Chirron and made an 8.3-litre, 252 kg mammoth V16 that produces 1000 bhp on its own! They put it in and said, this doesn't feel enough, so they added three more electric motors! Two Rimac-sourced motors are placed on the front axle and one on the rear. They add up 800 bhp more to the already insane V16. So yes, the total output you get from this system is 1800 hp! 

Speed Demons are Scared of it!

It is a Bugatti; tell me how fast it is. That is what you're thinking, right? Let me start with a reference: our beloved Chiron could achieve a standard speed of 420 kmph. The Tourbillion? 445 kmph! This, mind you, is the preliminary speed and Rimac, the present owner of Bugatti, has said, "Let's say this is not the maximum". What do they mean by that? Let's go back to the Chirron to understand this. The Chirron, with a unique tyre and an aero kit, crossed 480 Kmph in 2019, which is still a record. So if Bugatti were to do something like that to a Tourbillion, only god knows the speed it will achieve. 

Moving from speed to acceleration numbers, the Tourbillon can zoom from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 2.0 seconds, while a 0 to 200 figure will take less than 5 seconds. This brings it very close to even the fastest-accelerating electric cars. 

The Signature Bugatti Look 

You can't miss a Bugatti if you see one, can you? Bugatti has made sure this holds even for the Tourbillon. You have all the signature elements of a Bugatti. These start with the "C-line" on the side we saw on the Veyron and Chiron. On the front, we have the horseshoe grill, the centre line that divides the car in half, from which starts at the Bonnet to the roof. You also get the two-tone paint. 

While the inspiration from the Chiron is evident, the Tourbillon gets a silhouette that aligns more with the powertrain and intends to reduce the frontal impact of the air that hits it. Bugatti said The ability to travel at more than 400kph requires every single surface, inlet and ridge to be finely honed to ensure it is not only aerodynamic but also beneficial to the car's thermodynamics,". 

Many of the Tourbillion's design elements are focused on increasing the utility while also looking aesthetic. For example, the slim headlights have air vents that help send more air to the naturally aspirated engine. Another notable example is the rear diffusers, which start at the back of the cabin and pop out at the rear. These help the car gain downforce due to their angle and also help in diffusing the impact in case of an accident at the rear. This allows the Tourbillion's rear tyres to be visible from behind. 

Thanks to the rear diffusers we talked about, the Tourbillion's rear spoiler is not required to be raised during the top speed. However, it helps with air braking and if the user is using certain drive modes. 

The Timeless Interior

We live in times where cars, on the inside, feel like a collection of screens all around you. Bugatti has gone in the absolute opposite direction. The complete interior of the Tourbillion is analogue, from the speedometer to even the AC dials. They have done it to make the interior feel 'timeless' in the modern era. 

The centrepieces here are the analogue dials that display essential information like the speed, RPM, battery per cent, fuel, engine temperature, and horsepower from the engine and motors. It has more than 600-minute components and is studded with precious materials, including titanium, sapphire, and ruby. The gauge mechanisms weigh merely 700g and have been engineered to a tolerance of less than 50 microns (0.05mm). 

The centre dial resembles a luxury watch, with the speed needle representing the minute hand. In contrast, the RPM needle can be imagined as the hour hand. As we discussed, this is also where the Tourbillion gets its name. 

If you thought they had forgotten to add any modern equipment, you would be wrong. Here is where Bugatti reveals a hidden trick, or I should say the hidden screen. This small touchscreen reveals itself when "drivers request it. It enables you to use Android Auto and Apple Carplay. 

Exclusivity in Price and Numbers

Bugatti has announced that only 250 units of the Tourbillion will be produced, with a price tag of around 34 Crore (3.8 million Euros or $4.1 Million). The first of these will roll out of the Bugatti factories in 2026. Bugatti expects to complete the orders of the Tourbillions by around 2029. 

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