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Hyundai Inster EV Teased RIght Before Unveil: The Budget Hyundai EV

Hyundai has teased its next EV, the Inster. This will be the electric version of the Casper sold in the International market. We expect to see the first glimpses of this EV at the Busan Motor Show this month in South Korea. 

What Inster Looks Like

There are some resemblances to the Casper in the Inster, such as the circular LED headlights. The differences include a broader wheelbase and some basic design changes. A couple of these changes include the LED DRLs with boxy elements and a unique alloy design. On the front, you will not find an open grille as it is an EV. This is accompanied by a charging flap in the front. 

How is Inster on the Inside

The interiors of the Inster aren't out yet. What we know is that it will get a completely digital instrument panel for the driver. Other elements of the interior might be shared with the practical Casper. One feature that might make it from the Casper could be the folding seats on both the front and rear. 

What Features does Inster get?

When it comes to the features of the EV, we expect it to check the general tick boxes of modern EVs. This might include an infotainment display at the center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control, push button start and drive modes. 

When is Inster Launching Globally and in India?

The first time the public will lay eyes on the Inster SUV is in the Busan International Motor Show 2024 of South Korea that is scheduled from June 27 and July 7. After that the Inster might be launched in the South Korean market and eventually in Europe. 

Information about its entry to India is scarce, so we are not sure of its India launch. It might be an exciting proposition to bring the Inster to India, considering the entry-level EV segment has seen a positive response from customers. It currently consists of three models: MG Comet, Citroen eC3, and MG Comet EV. What we are certain to see from Hyundai in India is the electric version of Hyundai's popular SUV, Creta. 

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